Laundry Drying Rod

Laundry Drying Rod

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Looking for a way to hang dry some laundry inside… but don’t have a lot of room??

I’ve got ‘Small House Syndrome’, so here’s a simple solution for a Laundry Drying Rod for Small Spaces!

Simply hang an extra shower curtain rod along the top of your bath tub/shower area… and you’ve instantly got a hidden indoor spot to do some drying!  Close the curtain, and it’s outta sight! {plus… it won’t matter if anything is dripping, either!}

This works great in our guest bathroom, because that shower is rarely used… and when guests come, I just take it all down and hide it! 😉

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  1. sunshinegirl0278 says

    I do this already, but just use the existing shower bar…and if I’ve got a lot to dry, I use both bathrooms! But it is a good idea to put up another rod inside your shower too!

  2. Linda says

    This is a great idea! I’m going to do it (as soon as I go to Bed Bath and Beyond and get another curtain rod. I just got my own dryer in my apartment, so I have less to dry than before.

  3. Pearl says

    Yes I have been hanging hand washed sweaters over an extra shower bar for years. Love the fact that I don’t have to worry if I wring them out enough or not they drip right into the tub. I also put a folding clothes drying rack in the tub sometime to if I am concerned about hanger marks on the shoulders.

  4. Debbie says

    The Dollar store has the shower curtain rods even cheaper…I have one up in my REALLY small laundry area, too. My washer and dryer face each other, so I just plopped it up from wall to wall (that way my sometimes lazy self can hang right from the washer and not walk over to the bathroom – lol!).

  5. River Ramblings says

    I love this idea – and am going to do it very soon in my existing basement laundry room – I am always looking to hang dry things – and the portable fold-out one is good sized BUT the rod will be amazing between the cellar cement wall and the wall that enclosed the washer/dryer.
    Thank you so very much!

  6. says

    This is so brilliant! When I use my shower rod it goes all over the floor! I never, ever occurred to me to put a rod in the shower itself.

  7. Valinda May says

    My mother used this idea for many years. She would also hang her mop over the end of the bar (after she rinsed it out)so it could drip and dry down the drain.

  8. TJ says

    Love the idea. I was just walking around the house trying to figure out a place to hang some laundry up now that we have a houseguest in our guest room for a few weeks (where i usually hang clothes to dry in the open closet. You gave me the answer!! Putting up a bar tomorrow after the showers are done!

  9. Jamie says

    I know a family who had/may still have an extra shower bar in the kids’ bathroom to hang everyone’s towels on so the bathroom still looked nice. Also, there’s more room for a towel to dry. Great ideas for some extra drying space!

    • says

      I never thought of that i hung a small rope length ways against wall or close to wall in bathroom to dry. I can try the shower now isnt it funny how other people come up with things you didnt. Thanks

  10. Mary says

    I just bought these cool tools to wash clothes by hand. Now I don’t have to go to the laundromat. Saving me lots more money. I actually am sure that my clothes are getting cleaner than they were when I was taking them there. I wash nightly and then hang them up in the bathtub on a bar like yours!

  11. Cheryl says

    I have used an extra rod for clothes drying for years. I hang all of my cold wash up. I have an extra rod actually in my hallway where it is warm throughout the house during winter/cooler days, they dry quicker. On warmer days i hang them outside to dry….I like the shower idea though for towel hanging.Great idea, thanks…..

  12. valerie says

    we have a bar in the back of our shower with the round curtain hangers that have the clip on the end, and hang our towels on them. air out and are never visible

  13. says

    Sometimes when I run out of room in my drying rack I will use the curtain shower rod. I try to hang up anything that needs to be “hung up” in my closet. That way, they can dry on the hanger and go right inside the closet. Oh, and I use wooden hangers so they don’t have those nasty bumps.

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