Wrapped Candy Bars = Thrifty Party Favors!

Thrifty Party Favors

Several of you have asked about ideas for Thrifty Party Favors, and one of my favorite {and super simple} idea is… wrapped candy bars!

What You’ll Need:

  • Candy bars of your choice {flat ones ~ like Hershey’s ~ are especially easy to wrap} 😉

  • You’ll also need some double-side tape, and pretty scrapbook paper of your choice ~ these are so fun for all sorts of occasions!

What You’ll Do:

  • Now simply cut your paper to fit around the candy bar, and secure on the inner side with double-sided tape!

  • Tie with pretty ribbon and add some bling {if you’re in a bling-kind-of-mood}, and you’re all done! {yep ~ easy peasy!}

These make fun Baby Shower party favors…

…Bridal Shower or Wedding Rehearsal party favors…

… and of course Birthday Party favors…

… and don’t forget about fun Stocking Stuffers and gift basket fillers for Christmas!  {bells… it’s all about the bells!} 😉

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What are some of your favorite party favor ideas??

Leave a comment & share!

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  1. Elizabeth says

    Thanks for posting this! I have been looking for favor ideas for my Daughters 2nd birthday party this month and Blues Clues party favors are really hard to find!

    • Candice says

      you can also wrap the Nugget “little” candy bars with address label that you prink on your computer. Did this for a 50th Anniversay. Fast and easy

    • jonnie says

      I would go to the goodwill or dollar store and get age books and right in the cover thank you for coming. These are a huge hit. Kids love books

  2. Tinnie Goodall says

    That is an awesome idea….Thanks! My family and I are having a baby shower for my niece and that would be so cool. Again, Thanks!

  3. kristi says

    What a great idea. Wanted something different for my daughters graduation party and this will be one of them. Thanks!!

    • jonnie says

      I did a cheer birthday party and called the head of the community college cheer squad they sent 2 girls over in uniform and they ran the party played games and had fun.best party ever I paid them like babysitters.

  4. Laura says

    I am so excited to see this!! My daughters 5th birthday party is this weekend and I was stuck on what to do for a inexpensive party favor. I think I know what I am doing now! THANK YOU!!!

  5. Krystal says

    My wedding colors were pink and brown so i tied pretty pink bows around miniture hershey bars and laid them all over the tables :) it was so cute and everyone loves chocolate :)

  6. Sami says

    Wrapping Rolos and Mentos also turn out super cute. We did them as Valentines and inside wrote Valentine notes. In the Rolos my son wrote to Dad, I like the way you roll, and in the Mentos we did You’re so sweet, be mine to his “lady friends”. So cute!

  7. corie says

    this is a perfect idea! ive been looking 4 somthing for my wedding favor. and this will be cheep too! thankyou sooooo much!!!!

  8. Elizabeth says

    We did this for a baby shower a while back. The colors were green and blue so we did a plain green paper, then wrapped blue curling ribbon around several times then made a knot and curled the ends. Then we had a cute little rhyme to thank everyone for joining us printed on clear return address labels on the other end. Everyone thought they were so cute!!! This is a great favor!

  9. Beth says

    For my niece’s wedding shower, we are having a “make your own sushi” bar. It’s her favorite food so as the guests arrive they will assemble their own California roll or whatever they prefer. We’re serving an Asian salad and yummy dessert.

  10. Sara says

    So happy I saw this. I just wrapped 18 candy bars for my daughter’s 8th birthday and they look so cool! Much better that a goodie bag full of useless trinkets.

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