How To Make Homemade Foaming Soap!

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I. Love. Fluffy Soap! It’s true ~ I love the foaming suds… but not the price.

Homemade Cleaners are a simple way to save BIG, so one day I decided to make Homemade Foaming Soap!   I’ve been doing this trick for years now… and you can too! Here is How To Make Homemade Foaming Soap!

What You’ll Need:

  • Liquid Hand Soap {Softsoap, Dial, antibacterial or other}  *Don’t use the thick & creamy soaps.  The clear-based soaps foam best!*
  • 1 Empty Foaming Hand Soap Bottle {Bath & Body Works, Dial, etc.}

What You’ll Do:

  • Fill the Empty Foaming Soap Bottle with approx. 1 inch of your liquid hand soap
  • Slowly fill the rest of the bottle with tap water.
  • Put lid back on, and gently tip upside down & side to side to mix.
  • Don’t shake {it will get too sudsy ~ just trust me} :)

Now isn’t that easy??

Give it a try ~ making Homemade Foaming Soap is a cinch! Your hands… and wallet will thank you! 😉

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  1. Alicia says

    I have been doing this for a while with dish soap, but putting even less than a whole inch of soap in. It makes the dish soap last longer because less soap is wasted down the drain. One bottle of good dish soap like Dawn, because it starts out so think, has lasted me 6 months or more.

    • crazywoman/Billie says

      I’ve done that too, and I agree, 1″ is using way too much (and wasting) soap!! You don’t need near that much.
      I’m actually still working on the amount to use, but that is way more than you need!

      I’m having trouble with some of my foaming pumps tho. (Sometimes even the bottles I’ve bought just to get the bottles & pumps, before that bottle is even empty!) Anyone else having trouble with the pumps. Some seem to work fine, and can be reused several times (my daughter has some she’s been using for years), and and sometimes they don’t even last thru the first bottle.

      • says

        I think the Dial foaming soap pumps are sturdy and have had great luck using a refill to replenish the quantity of just 3 pumps around my house for at least a year. Typically my husband throws one out once empty, no matter how many times I nag him about it. I recently bought an Orla Kiely edition of Method purely for looks, and it seems to work well enough. Fingers crossed!

    • Angela says

      It’s funny, I was never a fan of foam soap (I felt it went quicker than regular hand soap). But with this trick, it’s cheaper to do it this way. I’ll give it a try!

  2. Carole says

    Thank you so much. I’ve been making my own laundry soap for quite a while now and I love it. I even make it for my sister now and my kids love helping me do it. Can’t wait to try this one!

  3. Tiffany M says

    I have been doing this since you posted it over 6 months ago and LOVE IT. I have told everyone I know about this little trick. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  4. Nicole Biggs says

    I’ve refilled the foaming bottles with just plain water before, and have been able to still use it.

  5. Gina Tansey says

    ok i need to go get a foaming bottle now…my kid goes thru that softsoap sooooo quickly its ridiculous…sounds like it will last me alot longer this way..thanks

  6. Melissa Hancock says

    I do this as well, but you have to watch what soap you use because some will separate no matter how much you mix. (Softsoap Aloe soap always separated for me.) Dish soap does work very well, but it was drying my daughter’s hands out.

    • Allison says

      Very true, about the dish soap. But if you purchase the Dawn Plus Hand Renewal Dish Soap, that will be amazing on your hands, even when washing the dishes! If you’re on a tight budget, like me, Walmart came out with their Great Value brand of the hand renewal for only 2 bucks, and it has the same ingredients, and works just the same, if not better. I have the pomegranate scent so it works well in the kitchen and bathroom!!

    • MsKat says

      The Softsoap with aloe one separates because it is more creamy…if you get a soap that you can see through in the bottle you won’t have any problems with separation. Can’t say the same for the creamy dish soaps though because I haven’t tried it, has anyone had any separation with the creamy dish soaps?

    • Stacy says

      You can use hand soap just the same. I buy a 56oz. Bottle of hand soap at Walmart for about 3-4 dollars and that should last you about 6 months to a year if you put it into a suds pump. :)

  7. Julie says

    Carole, will you please share your recipe for home made laundry soap? Does it make your clothes just as clean? I hate dingy laundry. Thanks so much for any info!

  8. Olivia says

    I’m excited to try it! I would also like to have the laundry soap recipe, if you wouldn’t mind sharing. I love these tips, thanks!

  9. Denise says

    I’ve always heard it was one tablespoon per bottle and if I put in too much soap the pump gets gunked up and will get stuck after each press.

    Has anyone seen a more decorative, permanent foaming soap dispenser? I’ve been doing this for years and would like something more than just refilling the plastic bottle.

    • Kim says

      You can always decorate the bottle with the clear backed stickers, or add silk flowers to the bottle.

    • Pam says

      Try Bath and Body works when I was there the other day I got a Stainless steel cover that fits over the foam bottles. It was 5 bucks but not to bad considering you can us it forever. The semi-annul sale just started last week so you could pick up something on sale or another coupon maybe coming out soon the current on ends in a day or so.

    • Donna says

      I saw an idea on Pinterest that you can spray paint the soap dispencer in a bronze/ brown spray paint then put a monogram initials on it!

    • Amanda says

      I recently found a super cute craft idea on pinterest on how to make your own soap dispenser out of a mason jar. Now that I know I can still use the foamy pump…. woohoo! I can’t wait to make mine :)

    • MsKat says

      I had always added soap to the bottle about 1/4 the way up. I have discovered that sometimes it is too runny and I use more if I don’t add enough, but I plan to try using less next time until I find my perfect amount, now that I know it works with less. On the other hand, if you use too much soap it is hard to pump and comes out thick like Cool Whip and dries your hands out.

    • Erin says

      I saw one at Macy’s the other day, an actual foam soap dispenser, no soap, just the dispenser. Might have even had more than one type, I think there was a bamboo one and a stainless steel and black one.
      They weren’t cheap (compared to the plastic bottles that come with the soap in them, like Dial), I think they were like $20-25? Macys often has coupons though, you could prob get it cheaper. And if they’re at Macy’s, I’m sure they can probably be found elsewhere, like Bed, Bath, and Beyond or something.

  10. Celia D says

    I do the same type of thing to make detangling spray for my daughters hair. Just put enough conditioner in the bottom of a spray bottle to cover the bottom. Then fill with water and shake

    • Becca says

      If you can’t locate “foaming bottle donations”, Pampered Chef has a bottle that does the same thing. You can use the hand soap or dish soap, the measurement is on the bottle. I have one for both.
      This isn’t a plug for business, but just a response!

      • Ginny frechette says

        I had a Pampered Chef foaming bottle and it didn’t after a short time. Maybe they have improved. It was a number of years ago that I got it.

  11. says

    I posted about this a few weeks ago, and recommend putting the soap in after filling 3/4 with water. This way suds don’t fill the bottle. We use dishsoap instead of hand soap.

  12. says

    YIPPIE! I was just thinking about googling up a recipe for this yesterday! I am trying to make (more) cutbacks around here, but the cheaper liquid soap just slides off my kid’s hands and down the drain, leaving all the dirt with us. Now I don’t have to buy more foamy soap for my girls to use! What an encouragement your website is! :)

  13. Lyra says

    I got my hands on some foam bottles and LOVE it! it’s definitely easier on the checkbook! thanks for sharing!

  14. Kirsten says

    I finished a bottle of Dawn Direct and was able to reuse the bottle with regular Dawn – just enough to cover the bottom of the bottom, fill with water, gently shape to mix, and VIOLA!

    I love these new foamers over the old ones that you had to pump and build pressure in order to get foam.

  15. Erin says

    The best soap I have found for this is the body wash from the Everything’s a $1 store. $1= 20 refills (or more) It’s a great way to save some money!!

  16. Laura says

    Julie: This is the laundry soap recipe I use, I have had good luck with it and my whiny husband can’t tell the difference :]

    Also, we spent a little extra on cat litter once and kept the hard plastic bucket it came in to make the soap. Hope this helps!

    • says

      Hot water will usually un-gunk it . Just fill the sink and let it soak a few min.s and then pick the pump part up and try to pump some of the hot water thru it . This does the trick most times :-)

      • Lisha Driver says

        I have thrown away pumps b/c of clogging. I was very disappointed. Thank you for sharing that you can clean them up! I appreciate that.

  17. Patti says

    I tried the foaming soap idea and I love it. I had a practically empty bottle from Bath&Body Works. Got my soft soap wash from the Dollar Tree, followed your instructions, and now I’m in business. Foaming hand soap in an instant. Love your ideas.

  18. Candy says

    I believe pampered chef sells a bottle for just this purpose, but why pay that price for something you can get for so much less with product inside, or free. DENISE – for unclogging I usually run it under HOT water, or in the dishwasher if you have one. If those don’t work it might be time for a new one. I have been doing this for YEARS, both for handsoap and dishsoap. I had to stop for a while when my boys would use a whole bottle of it playing in the sink. Little stinkers!

  19. Julie says

    I have done this for years! I too use fancy scented dish soaps. I got my last small bottle of Dawn for 25c after coupons. That size makes at least 10 bottles of foam soap.

  20. Samantha says

    I do this for dish, hand and kids soap. I use the J&J baby wash and then the kids can squirt as much as they please since there is barely any soap in their bottles and mostly water. Plus I know it’s still tear free. My tips for all – use warm water when making it up and add the soap after the water is in the bottle. I even draw lines on my soap refill bottle and make a huge batch at once then I can just pour it into each bathroom pump and I’m not making it constantly at each sink!!

  21. Susan says

    Here’re 2 helpful hints for making foaming soap. Boil the water 1st, then let it cool in the container before adding it to the foaming soap bottle. By boiling the water you kill any germs, mold spores, etc. that might grow into yucky stuff in your soap. By letting the water cool in the container before adding it to your foaming soap bottle, you avoid ruining your bottle, because the heat of boiling water is enough to deform the plastic bottle.

    Love your tips!

    • Cecilia says

      I’ve tried making diy foaming soap but the bottles always ended up with yucky black build up inside and around the pump even when I use antibacterial hand soap to make it. Will try this tip. Thanks.

  22. Maggie says

    I have made my own syrup for over 45 years, since my MIL taught me. I like it better than store bought and I only buy when I find a sale and coupon so that it almost free. You can thicken it a little by boiling the sugar water a bit longer. I will have to try the brown sugar although I like it the plain way just fine. And it lasts a long time in the frig. My problem was that Mapleine could not be found in any of my local stores so I went online and now order it that way. The Maple extract does not give the same taste that Mapleine does.

  23. Glenda Eddins says

    I made the fabric softener this morning with some hair conditioner that I did not like. And I have another full bottle of “not for my hair” conditioner on hand for next time. This is great! No vinegar odor, and washcloths/towels are just as soft. Now if someone can suggest a recipe for homemade cleaner that goes in a swifter mop, that would be great.

    • Trinity says

      We use Simple Green in our Swiffer Wet Jet and it works great! You have to use a bit of force to pry open the old Wet Jet bottle (I used pliers to get a firm grip while I twisted it off – it’s a little tricky, but totally doable). You can use as strong of a solution as you like, but I do about a 1:4 of Simple Green to hot water. Smells much nicer than the Swiffer brand stuff, and the Simple Green is often available in bulk at Costco – cleans lots of stuff indoors and out!

      • Laurie says

        Thanks, Trinity. I’m going to try this, now that I know it’s possible to undo the cap. Guess I gave up too easily the last time I tried.

  24. Penny Pincher says

    I’m always looking for ways to save money and this is one of my favorite ways to do just that. I actually first measure 2/3 cup water and add 3 tablespoons clear liquid soap to make this recipe. For my kitchen I use Dawn so that when I need a grease cutter especially after making hamburger patties, I know that it will do the job. I have also eliminated all of those half used shampoos for my bathroom foaming hand soap. I get asked quite often what the soap is in my bathroom…..I won’t tell if you don’t. Not really, I love to share this recipe. :o)

  25. Megan G. says

    After reading all the comments I am excited to try this! I am actually going to organize this as a craft for my MOPS group. Has anyone used the antibacterial soaps from Bath & Body Works? I am curious if the little beads would clog up the pump. Or if I should just stick with the clear liquid soaps.

    • Juanita says

      Yeah…I had tried this with their creamy antibac soaps. What a mess. Wish that would work ’cause I bought a ton of ’em on sale before I got hooked on the foaming soap!!

    • MsKat says

      the ones with the antibac beads do clog, but I found if you make the creamy one with more water than usual it will work…but as others mentioned earlier, whatever makes it opaque and creamy settles to the bottom. A gentle shake or two of the bottle once in a while will help, that way you can at least use up all the ones you have on hand. If bad comes to worse, use a regular pump bottle, mix half and half with water, and use it like that-still stretches it but not nearly as much. Of course if you are buying soap specifically for a foam pump refill, get a clear one.

  26. Summer Robinson says

    Love my new foaming soap!! I used a some bath and body works shower gel to get the same fragrance that we like and I was amazed at how well it worked. My husband noticed and then came around and added a few drops of food coloring to the liquid cause it did just look like water in there!! Thanks for such a great tip!! We’ll be doing this for years to come!

  27. Julie says

    Wow! I’d seen this a few months back, but just tried it.It was SOOOOO easy and it worked! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

  28. says


    I have done this for years, never really had trouble with clogging, seemed like certain bottle worked better or rather pumps. I have one that is already clogged after the first refill. UGH! Can’t find these pumps around all of a sudden. I just read that moisturizing soaps will clog. Odd, that is all I use so I don’t know what happened. I am going to throw it in the dishwasher and hope that unclogs it but I doubt it. any other ideas?


  29. Glenda Eddins says

    I’ve made foaming soap for years, beginning when I bought two very expensive (and empty) Pampered Chef containers and within two fills they had both quit working. Since then, when one of my refill bottles begins to wear out, I just look for a good price on Soft Soap foaming hand soap, one with a plain white cap and nozzle. Labels will peel off without leaving a sticky residue, so you’ll have a nice clear bottle. The one I bought today didn’t have stickon was plastic coated and it too peeled off.

    The clogging occurs when some of the original soap at the bottom of the bottle is not well mixed and it is suctioned up into the tube. I always put an inch or so of very hot water into the bottle, and then add no more than a 3/8″ layer of the liquid soap and gently swirl it together, then finish filling with hot water and continue to turn the bottle upside down and sideways until it is mixed. You can always add more if not soapy enough. To try to unclog a nozzle, remove it from the container and stick the tube end into a basin of very hot water. You will have two pieces at the pump end that will try to come apart, but hold them together in place and and pump the hot water until the clog breaks loose. You can also try removing the tube, then submerging the separated pump assembly in hot water for several hours. A hand towel laid on top will be sufficient to keep it under water.

  30. says


    I agree, the Softsoap ones seem to work best but I couldn’t find any. I am going to look again. I did get this one unclogged 2 or 3 times last night just trying to pump it and get everything out but every time I tried to use it it just jammed up again. (I did run it through the dishwasher and it didn’t do anything) I tried plain liquid soap and water and that didn’t work. I think it is just shot, idk. Some foam comes out on the bottom and it is very hard to push. bummer….

  31. Allissa BUSEMAN says

    I’ve been doing that for a while. I also use B&B’s foaming body wash container and put whatever shower gel I want in it. I have a lot of trail sizes because I get sick of one scent all the time.

  32. Natashia says

    Wow!You’re amazing!I’m sooo excited and happy to find a wonderful site!Thanks for cutting the costs on everything!!!

  33. ladybugmom says

    I love this idea, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I recently bought a gallon of cheap shampoo (can get a gallon as low as $3.99) from Sally Beauty that can be mixed 1 part to 7 parts water, to make up to 8 gallon of shampoo. I didn’t like it as a shampoo, but LOVE it as a foaming hand soap and as a bubble bath for the kids.

  34. Letha says

    I just finished cutting my favorite Seventh Generation dish liquid and am. in. love. I put it into a B&BW foaming dispenser and it works like a charm. The best part is that I only paid something like 69 cents for the Seventh Generation soap (thanks Frugal Girls for finding THAT deal!) and my BFF picked up the B&BW soaps on super after Halloween clearance for less than a dollar! Thankfully I found this before I wasted money on a refill!

    My grandmother made her own handsoap from scraps of bath bars, hotel bars, or a brand new bar if she loved the soap enough, for as long as I can remember. When she had enough scraps to equal a regular bar, she would grate them and add them to gallon of boiling distilled water and 2 tablespoons coconut oil. The finished soap was thinner than your average hand soap, but probably would still need to be diluted for use in a foamer. She made amazing soap once from Lavender oatmeal soap made with a gallon of lavender infused water. It was ah-ma-zing! The coconut oil helps with later, but she used it primarily for skin benefits. You can omit it all together if you don’t have it on hand.

  35. kburdine302 says

    I’ve been doing this for a while now– the only difference is that I use plain old Dawn in mine– it’s antibacterial and I already have the dishsoap.

  36. Heather says

    Im going to try this! But also going to try adding some drops of essential oils to make it extra refreshing. :-)

  37. suzAnne says

    super dumb question but…..HAND soap for DISH soap? REALLY????? Am I THAT dumb??? I am SOOOOOO doin this! who doesn’t have water??? who doesn’t have liquid hand soap on hand?! you can even get it in the dollar store! oh boy am i excited! lol

  38. says

    I’ve been wanting to do this for some time, but never wanted to spend the money on the foam containers. Finally found some on sale and we’re coming to the end of them… Thank you for posting this. I’m doing it today.

  39. melissa says

    I have been making this homemade foaming hand soap since I moved out of my parents house. Buying foaming refills is more costly than buying plain hand soap refills. This works great and you go through a lot less soap. You can pick up foaming soap at Bath and Body works for $3 or less most of the time… and the great thing about using there soap dispensers is that even after you have refilled it a couple of times you still can smell the original scent that was in the bottle. :-)

  40. Kant says

    Does anyone have a good remedy to clean a soap scum off the glass shower door? I’ve been trying everything w/no luck!

  41. Laura says

    Target has the super cute fall/Halloween foaming soaftsoap bottles that glow in the dark again! I had one saved from last year and I just used some watered down black raspberry vanilla to refill it! Did I mention that the bottle Glows In the Dark! Great for kids or if you’re like me and still love glowing stuff 😀

  42. says

    You can add in a splash of liquid body spray/spritz and have scented handwash even from plain soap too – see my blog above. I linked back to you in my post. Thanks for the tip!!!! :)

  43. says

    My husband is an obsessive hand washer and always uses and obscene amount of soap. I LOVE this idea and will be using it immediately. I had a hunch something like this would work but didn’t know what proportions to use, thanks for posting! (I can hear the savings cha-ching now!) 😀

  44. Maria says

    I’ve been doing this for a few years now. I find it works best if you put the water in first and then the soap. If you put the soap in first, it could clog the pump at the bottom. Also, I use hot water, as it mixes with the soap much better. So hot water first, followed by just a bit of the soap. Mix and you are ready to go!

  45. Dana Powell says

    I have been doing this for years. It works great and I usually buy the hand soap at a wholesale warehouse (it’s 2 huge bottles for like $7) and it lasts about 6 or 8 months to do it like that. Having to buy hand soap only twice a year is good!!! One less thing to have to remember to get from the store!!!!

  46. Cindy Pelkey says

    I have done this a while now, but I was told to use a little dish soap so now I will try the hand soap. I also make my own dishwasher liquid, laundry detergent, and fabric softner. THANKS! Love you guys!!!

  47. Mon says

    Hi there, I’ve tried this a few times with the Bath and Body Works bottles and have had problems when pumping the soap out. You seem to have to press the pump down really really hard to get the soap out… it does not work too well. Am I doing something wrong? Has anybody else experienced this? I would really like this to work but don’t understand why it’s not working. Help?

  48. Krista says

    I actually was given bath and body works soap as a gift, but it was the thick stuff so what I did was put 1 tsp of it into my foaming bottle, filled with water, and it just took a little longer for the water to come together, still works just as well and now my soap will last a lot longer! thank you :)

  49. Dawn says

    I have been doing this for years and years. I purchased a gallon of antibacterial hand soap refill at Walmart for $4.00. It was on clearance, and I already had two of the foaming hand soap bottles on hand. Lets just say it’s been almost 7 years now and I’m just coming to the bottom of my gallon. Best four bucks I ever spent!

  50. Theresa says

    This is an awesome idea! i was just wondering if you are diluting the soap too much by doing this? is the soap still effective? does it matter how much “soap” you are using? Also, if you do this with dish soap, it is a foam dish soap also? Thank you so much for your tips!

  51. says

    I pinned this a while back and ever since I have been waiting for my bath & body works soap to run out so i had a container to try it in. I finally did this today and LOVE it! Thanks for the great tip!

  52. Marti says

    I do this trick but put a more organic/natural spin on it. I use Castille soap as my soap (same proportions) and add about 10 drops of tea tree oil to act as the antibacterial agent. The initial investment might be a bit, but it lasts a long time and it keeps lots of chemicals out of the water and out of my home.

  53. Lauralee says

    I’ve been doing this for the last couple of months and I LOVE it! It really works great. My little ones go through so much soap, this saves us so much $ and they think the foam is really fun. I’ve been using ivory dish soap + water and adding a few drops of pure essential oils both for the antibacterial properties and the lovely scent.

  54. Deb at Titus Two Friends says

    I did this with my Skin So Soft foaming oil moisturizer from Avon, too! Just added a bit to the bottle & a smidge of water…yep, it worked just fine! LOVE IT!!!

  55. Cassandra Willis says

    OMG! Where have I been? I made this and it was so easy…I will NEVER buy foam soap again! I then googled Lysol Soap and found how to replace that…Love living Frugally…saving for my Parisian Vacation!

  56. Elisha says

    This is a good idea… But don’t u worry if u are getting enough soap to kill the germs? I always use foam soap, and buy refill foam soap. I’d like to do this, but it seems to me that if u water it down so much you are just getting bubble/foam and not a high quantity of germ killing soap.
    But yes, I’m kinda a germ phob lol

    • Doras says

      Don’t worry about the soap killing the germs. It is my understanding, even antibacterial soap kills few germs. The purpose of soap is to loosen the germs, dirt, etc., so it will rinse off when you rinse.

  57. Judie Waldert says

    I do something similar to make eyeglass cleaner. The eyeglass cleaner they give you at the optometrists is only dishwash soap and water. So I fill an empty hand soap bottle nearly to the top with water. Add 3 TBL of dishwash soap (not the type with hand lotion in it, it will leave a film on your glasses, just the cheapest brand you can buy). Here you should shake the bottle to get that nice foam. Spray on both sides of each lens and wipe dry with a cloth towel.

  58. Heather Limoges says

    I have been using my own home made dryer sheets, but what we do is take a bottle of fabric softener and put it in a bucket with a lid. Fill the empty fabric softener twice with water and add it to the fabric softener-mix. I use a sponge to act as the sheet-dip it in the mixture and toss sponge into dryer with wet clothes. DONE. This lasts about a year and a half.

  59. Brenda says

    I buy a bottle of bubble bath at the Dollar Tree and do the same with it. Just about an inch or less of the bubble bath and fill with water. Lots of hand soap with a dollar bottle.

  60. says

    I have never used foaming hand soap at home, but I bet it would keep my 5 yr old son from using so much soap when he washes his hands. He likes to put 2 or 3 pumps of soap each time. Since the foam would look like more, I bet he’d be satisfied with just 1 pump.

  61. anne bratcher says

    If you refill/save those foaming bottles you can let your imagination run rampant!
    I no longer use sodium laryl sulfate soaps – Marseilles liquid soap, or Castile soaps fill these bottles.
    If you are a fan of the smells I use essential oils to avoid the perfume.
    Sometimes it’s nice to have a scent though.

  62. Sandie says

    Love how easy it is to make foaming hand soap, now Target has come out w/a foam bottle for $2.95 that’s 10oz.. The pump top also fits on the pricey Bath & Body btl. So it’s cheaper all around & so easy to make..

  63. Lee Ann says

    I’ve done this a few times. I like it, but my family doesn’t want me to do it anymore because they don’t like the soap watered down. The soap never stays foamy. It ends up being watery.

  64. Lara says

    I do the same with liquid laundry soap and water…i make my own pretreater in an old Resolve spray bottle…approx. half inch or less of soap and fill with warm water…shake to mix….SPRAY AND WASH!

  65. Jason Holder says

    I totally get saving money, but doesn’t this weaken the strength of the germ killing part of using soap?

  66. Frances Moores says

    I’ve been making my own foaming soap for years. 2 parts water to 1 part liquid soap…fill empty foaming soap container(mine happen to be Dial, I think), and Voila! cheap foaming soap.

  67. Lydia Filipasic says

    I’ve been doing this and my kids love to wash their hands all the time never have to remind them. They tend to get into trouble because they want to waste it! But I’ve learned to take stock in Dish soap so I’ll be good for

  68. Melanie says

    I’m having an issue with my soap bottles not pumping or are very hard to press down to get any foaming soap to come out. Are there certain bottles and maybe even certain soaps I need to be using?

  69. Jeanene Smith says

    This is a great idea, I will be doing this for my 5 year old grandson..
    The Pomagranite soap I will hAve to try. Way to save money, I LOVE GETTING A BARGAIN.. THANK YOU SO MUCH

  70. Sue Moulton says

    I also add a little bit of oil to the mixture as I find it to be a bit too drying for my taste. This summer I added coconut oil but found as the weather is cooling and I keep my house cool, the coconut oil solidifies. I just ordered some Almond Oil and will be trying that instead. I suppose even a little Olive Oil would work too. But love making my own foaming soap!

  71. Missy says

    I splurged and bought Avon’s Natural vanilla hand soap. It is an 8 oz bottle and was on sale for 3.50 and free shipping when you buy $10.00 worth of things. Normally it is $6.00 and you pay shipping. I go through MY POINTS and also get 25 points per dollar spent. I use a fourth of an inch in the bottom. If I use more than that my hands get itchy. I have refilled my bottle at least six times and still have at least 2 oz left out of the original 8. At first it acts like it doesn’t want to mix but swirl it around and around and when it is mixed it looks clear and does not ever separate. You can shake it gently. I always run fresh water in the bottle until all the old is out and then I keep pumping the sprayer until clear water comes out of it. After it is mixed, you have to pump it about 10 times to get the water that you rinsed it with out of the pump. I have used Dawn as well but granddaughter likes the vanilla. I stay away from the antibacterial because it dries my skin and leaves little pieces of dry skin on the back of my hands. If you feel your hands aren’t soft enough rewash again with the foaming soap. I have to after petting the dog and cat. There have been some health concerns about what is in the soaps. I feel by using the homemade solution that it cuts that problem way down. Like any soap make sure that you run your fingers through each other to get all the soap out.

  72. Margaret Hedlund says

    What did I do wrong? I followed the directions exactly but ended up with sudsy water and that in no way resembled foam. Any suggestions?

  73. Kari says

    I do this and it works great! And saves money!

    I would like to add a little tip that I have found that makes this work just a little better. I use *HOT* tap water. It helps with the soap & water mixing up. :) That’s all!

  74. Alexandra says

    Do you know…is it possible to scent unscented softsoap? Do you think by adding essential oil to the soap it would scent it? If not any suggestions for how to scent it?

    • Heidi says

      Hi Sunny… absolutely! A few drops of essential oils can definitely be added to the mixture. ENJOY! 😉

  75. Stephanie says

    i put my soap in a measuring cup with a spout (I have an 8 cup Pyrex) add about a cup of water and mix with a small or mini whisk (stirring very gently. Then gradually add the rest of the water. For me it mixes better and is easier to mix than trying to gently shake the dispenser. The spout makes filling bottles easier or you can use a funnel. Besides you can make several bottles at a time. You can boil a little of the water first but not necessary. I like to use a better brand of soap rather than the cheap stuff. Some of the cheap stuff is already watered down and just because it foams doesn’t mean it cleans. ( Proven this with dirty little hands.) It does take more pumps if the base soap is cheap. Check the label of ingredients for added water. Hope this helps someone. Enjoy all the posts. Love thefrugalgirls site. Keep up the good work.

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