A Simple Summer Souvenir {beach in a jar}

Beach in a Jar

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Sometimes the best souvenirs are the simple ones!

As you know… I love the beach!  Earlier this year, we were able to use some free air miles to go on a trip to Washington D.C. and North Carolina! {score!}

We had never been to North Carolina before, and the beaches were amazing… and the water was so warm… and the big jelly fish was so bad!  Yep ~ he stung me.  {ouchie!}

Now, my boys wanted a beachy souvenir, but were having a hard time paying the big bucks for the little souvenirs at the beach shops.  So… we ended up filling 2 empty water bottles full of sand, loading up our favorite sea shell finds, and making the ‘Beach in a Jar’ when we got home {using old mason jars from spaghetti sauce and a little twine wrapped around the lid} 😉

It was so simple and frugal, and turned out to be their favorite souvenirs from the trip!

Now we’ll never have to forget this beautiful memory….

{Outer Banks, North Carolina}

What are some fun or thrifty ways you preserve your special memories??

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  1. says

    Love that. I did the same when I first went on Spring Break back in high school to Florida (and I used a beer bottle instead of a water bottle, just because it was cool;)). Now whenever I go someplace I collect a few shells and add it to a bowl I keep them in on a bookshelf top.
    For kids, this is great. maybe add a cute label on top giving the location and date of the trip, or even a photo.

  2. Michelle says

    Love it! We did something similar but we filled a bottle with the tiniest shells we could find. Yes it took a while but so fun. We go to the Outer Banks as well. Spent 18 Days on Hatteras Island in June. It is a beautiful place. I just hope this hurricane leaves it in tact!

  3. Kathy says

    I did a larger jar with the beautiful white sand from a beach in Florida. I filled it, maybe, half full with sand and then added lots of Florida seashells on top. Thanks for sharing! It is a great souvenier!!

  4. says

    I have a “window box” picture frame, called “My Favorite Beaches,” where I have my top favorite beach finds!
    There is sand-colored paper as the background, with four areas labeled: Childhood Memories – Sandy Hook, NJ; Fun with College Friends – Charleston, SC; When I “Knew” (that HE was the one!) – Outer Banks, NC; and Our Honeymoon – Palm Beach, FL.
    In each section, I hot-glued my favorite seashore memories: starfish, shells, sand dollars, etc.
    It’s a way to meaningfully preserve my memories in a way that others can enjoy too!
    I love your beach-in-a-jar too! and I will try that with my kids when they’re a little older!

  5. Nancy says

    Oh how i miss my old home state!!! I love the beach in a jar!!!! I will have to do that next time i visit my family!!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea

  6. Carmen says

    Years ago I made a breakfast tray with all my sand and shells. You can use just about anything though. I painted a tray and let it dry. I then poured my sand and placed my seashells where I wanted them, and then I slowly poured epoxy over it. Once it was dry, the sand and shells stayed perfectly. I wish I still had it…guess it’s time for another vacation.

  7. Paula says

    My daughter & I do this for each beach we go to. Then we use rub-ons to put the place & date on it. We also use the “vacation” rub-ons to decorate the rest of the jar.

  8. Betsy says

    We’ve done this too, but used the white caps and wrote the dates and location on the top. I think I may try the ribbon idea as well on the next one !!
    Also, a mountain trail trip … a pic in the jar and small pine cones, rocks, leaves, bark pieces (from fallen trees), etc. Only take things from places that are not labeled against collecting.
    So many things can be collected and displayed this way !!

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