How to Make Cute Christmas Hair Clips!

How to Make Cute Christmas Hair Clips

Christmas is right around the corner, and I’ve got another fun project for you… Christmas Hair Clips!

Now… there are a few different styles you can make.

For Christmas Alligator Clips, find pretty ribbon and jewels, and follow the Step-By-Step Hair Clips Tutorial here.

These are so easy to make, and cost just around 17 cents each for the completed project!  {these also make great gifts!}

Some other fun clip styles {that you could give a Christmas twist to with fun Christmas colored ribbon}, would be:

Now, you can also have fun with Christmas flowers!  I picked up these bunches of silk Poinsettia flowers for just $1.00 each… at the Dollar Tree!  {oh how I love the Dollar Tree!} 😉

First, cover an alligator clip with colored ribbon to match the flower, just like above! {see step-by-step clip instructions here}

Then, it’s on to the flower!  Simply pop the flower off of the stem, remove the plastic pieces in the middle, and glue back together using your hot glue gun {see more step-by-step flower instructions here}.

Now… being that the poinsettia flower wasn’t completely flat {with the plastic ‘veins’ on the back}, I first glued the large part of the flower to the top of the clip.  Then I glued on the smaller piece of the flower… then the jewel.   Aren’t these too cute??

The back of the clips will look like this.  These can be worn in the hair, or also attached to a crocheted headband for babies or little girls {see flower headband instructions here}

For thicker hair {or if you’d prefer a barrette style clip}, you can pick up these unfinished barrettes in the Wal-Mart craft section or at your craft store.  Just hot glue a piece of ribbon onto the top…

Just like we did above, attach the flower in layers to the top of the barrette.  The back will look like this…

Now… to find the perfect dress!

So…I was at my favorite consignment shop last week, and spotted the most adorable dress that just happened to be the right size for one of my sweet little nieces… how could I say no?!?

It looked nearly new, and had probably only been worn once… and was priced at less than $5.00!  I used some credit I had {from exchanging clothes my little guys had outgrown}, and snagged it for FREE!

An adorable FREE dress with some cute, thrifty hair clips…  it’s dressing for Christmas {adorably} on a dime! 😉

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  1. Elizabeth Makedonsky says

    I have become ADDICTED to creating hair clippies for my daughters after reading your tutorials. I’ve even found a pattern for a “clippie board” so that the girls have a place to keep their clippies without losing them in a drawer somewhere. My girls and my niece are getting homemade clippies and clippie boards for Christmas and I cannot wait to try out a flower clippie. Now if only I could find a “decent” free pattern to make my own crocheted headbands. Thanks for all the great ideas!!

  2. Heidi says

    You’re very welcome, Elizabeth! 😉

    I’d love to see your clippie board after you make it… what a fun idea!

    About crocheted headbands… I actually spotted them being sold by the yard on a spool at my local Joann’s craft store the other day. I’m not sure what the price was, but that might be an alternative??

    Have fun crafting!

    ~ Heidi

  3. Miranda says

    Loving these ideas!! I am totally going to make them for my neighbors little girl & my niece as christmas gifts..can’t wait to get started :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kyan says

    I love the ideas you post on here! I, too, have become obsessed with making the clippies! I have had so many people ask me if I sell them and I wasn’t, but guess what….I have my own Etsy store now! I thank you so much for the idea that has not only allowed me to style my Princess for next to nothing, but is also creating a little side income! THANK YOU!!

  5. Cynthia says

    Love the bow and the dress. You said you got it from a consignment shop? I am new to AZ and have been looking for a good consignment shops. Do you have any favorites?? Thanks

  6. Becky says

    Just finished these hairbows for my little girl! They will look so cute with her Christmas dress! Thanks for the great idea!

  7. Missy says

    I made red and white poinsettia clips for my girls…I whipped them up right before church last Sunday! They were super quick and easy (you don’t even have to cover the clip if you’re in a hurry, the flower is so big it covers all the ribbon anyway) and adorable! Lots of compliments! Thank you so much…another great idea from Frugal Girls :)

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