16 Ways To Earn More SB Points from Swagbucks!

Ways to Earn Swagbucks

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Have you started using Swagbucks yet??  You can start off with 110 FREE SB Points!

Simply enter code: FRUGALGIRL80 {code is case sensitive ~ sometimes it works better to type it, rather than copying and pasting it}

Cash in your “SB” reward points for FREE gift cards including Starbucks, Amazon, Target, Gas Cards and more!!

My favorite way to cash mine in is for the $5 Amazon gift cards, or the $5 Starbucks gift cards! {I love FREE Starbucks date nights with my hubby!}

Here’s what your Frugal Friend said…

“I am using swagbucks to pay for my gas to Walt Disney World plus food on the road. Love Swagbucks!” ~ Lynn

After you sign up for Swagbucks… here are 16 Ways to Earn More SB points

  • Vote in the Daily Swagbucks Poll to score 1 extra SB point each day! (find the Daily Poll on the sidebar of the Swaybacks webpage)

Swagbucks Daily Poll

  • Use Swagbucks for all of your internet searches ~ Use Swagbucks instead of Google when searching the web.  I even type in sites I already am planning on going to! (find ‘Search’ at the bottom of the Swagbucks webpage)

Swagbucks Search

Earn More Swagbucks

  • Each day, scroll through the Swagbucks NOSO offers! {find on the left of the Swagbucks homepage}

Swagbucks NOSO

  • Check out the Swagbucks Special Offers for Free Trials  {under the ‘Discover’ tab, click on ‘Free Trials’}

Swagbucks Free Trials

  • Install the Swagbucks Toolbar {Each day when you reboot your computer, you’ll receive 1 SB point!  Select ‘Search’ on the Swaybacks sidebar, then ‘Learn More’ to download the Swaybacks Toolbar for your web browser}

Swagbucks Search Engine

  • Earn with Swag Codes…  after installing the Swagbucks Toolbar, click on “Check for Swag Code” on the Toolbar regularly throughout the day to check for current SB Codes.  If there is a code, enter it on the Swagbucks Homepage at the top under “Swag Code.”
  • Check your Swagbucks Inbox Daily and look through messages for easy ways to earn. {located at the top of the homepage}
  • Check your ‘Daily Goal’ meter.  When you meet your goal, you’ll earn bonus SB points!  {located at the top of the homepage}
  • Invite your friends to join Swagbucks {when they search and win SB points, you’ll win, too!}
  • Watch Swagbucks TV

Swagbucks TV

  • Play Swagbucks Games!

Swagbucks Games

  • Use Swagbucks on Fridays from your Mobile App! {every Friday is Mobile Swagbucks Day… which means you can score more SB points when searching via your Mobile App!}

Earn Swagbucks Get Free Gift Cards

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  • Follow Swagbucks on Twitter, and watch for periodic SB codes!
  • Follow Swagbucks on Facebook, and watch for periodic SB codes!
  • Follow Swagbucks on Instagram for periodic SB codes!
  • Read the Swagbucks Blog, and watch for periodic SB codes! {find the blog on the Swagbucks page footer under ‘Swagbucks’ ‘Home’ ‘About Us’}

Swagbucks Official Blog

Now… hop on over to Swagbucks, and get searching! 😉  Thanks for supporting The Frugal Girls!

Ways To Earn More Swagbucks

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