How to Capture the Glow of Christmas Lights!

How to Capture the Glow of Christmas Lights

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Following is a fun Christmas project and guest post
by Angela at Angela’s Adventures… enjoy!!

In between a few projects this evening, I decided to do a little research to see what exactly I need to do, to get a beautiful picture of our Christmas tree. I’ve seen photographs that show how beautifully the tree is glowing. I wanted to be able to capture that but, all my experimental efforts were failing. The lights were out in our house so, I had to keep using my flash. The flash was lighting the tree up and taking away the “glow” effect. Then I tried holding my camera really still and adjusting the shutter speed. Blurry pictures were the result.

To google I headed. Is it just me or does google usually have all the answers? I entered “manual camera setting Nikon for Christmas tree picture” into the magic little box. Within 3 seconds, I was reading the exact answer I needed.

Turns out I was on the right track with turning my shutter speed all the way down. I just didn’t know that when your shutter speed is at the lowest setting, you need to have your camera sitting on either a tri-pod or another completely still surface.

I have a Nikon Camera so, I turned my camera’s dial onto “S”. Next, I adjusted the shutter speed to my lowest setting, 30″. I kept the flash closed (off) I had all the lights off, and I set the camera on our dining room table, in full view of the Christmas tree. I held my breath, pushed the button to take the picture and then took my hands off. 30 seconds went by and then taaaa daaa!!! It worked!!!

I got excited and went outside to try my new little trick with Jeremiah’s Christmas lights. This time I rested the camera on our deck. Again it worked!

So, set your shutter speed on the lowest number, keep the flash off, steady the camera on a tri-pod or other completely still surface and capture the glow!

Have a beautiful day, friends!
♥ Angela

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