1. Lena Hall says

    My parents did a cookout for my HS graduation; BBQ Ribs, Hot Links, Hamburers, and Hotdogs. It was simple and cheep; they bought everythign at the Commissary

  2. Randi says

    When I graduated with my BS in Global Business Management and Leadership my mom had a huge party for me at her house and used a “global” theme to play off of my degree. She rented a bunch of tables to put the in the backyard. Each table was set with a different country as a theme and she hung up huge maps all over the house. The invitations even looked like passports. We had music playing from all over the world. It was a great time!

  3. Maryann Romero says

    My cousin is graduating this Friday. So while she is on her senior trip her dad and I got together to surprise her with a party. I bought all my supplies at the dollar store. Bought the cake the day before the party. And making a cheap easy meal to feed 10 ppl. I saved so much money I cant wait to see the look on her face!!!

  4. Kass says

    For my cousins grad party we had everyone bring a dish and had BBQ . He didn’t want a cake(he doesnt like it) so we had a candy table with vases of sour patch kids, suckers, Swedish fish and etc. we also took all of his racing, wrestling, and baseball trophies and put cookies, cupcakes, and brownies on those and it was awesome.! We made cards and put a wallet size senior pic of him in those for invitations. And above his candy table we made a sign with a cricket and it said “life is sweet and sour, savor them both” we also had signs made for him hanging places & had different kid gams for him and his friends like twister, the cheese all game, a water gun fight, volleyball& silly string also we had a large pool available for everyone(: fun fun!!

  5. says

    My 4th child is about to graduate. We, in the past, have done come & go type of event. Kept it very casual. WE usually have a power point on a laptop going of a slide show of their accomplishments & special life moments. Pictures in frames are sitting around of them as a child. My daughter bought a pair of white Toms & set them on a table with colored sharpie markers & her friends signed her shoes. My other daughter asked for advice from older friends who came by sitting a gift sack with index cards by it for them to write on. We always make the food ourselves. Keep it simple is our mantra!

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