DIY Camera Bag from a Purse!

How to Make a DIY Camera Bag from a Purse

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Following is a fun Photography Tip and guest
postby Carly at ~ enjoy!

This year, I was determined to get to work on a homemade-yet-extremely-useful gift for my mother. We both shoot with a Nikon D5000 (you’ll find my photography of food and crafts over at Createlive) and had been working with fairly standard Nikon camera bags.  At the end of the day, however, those bags pose two problems. First, they’re not particularly glamorous. It felt like lugging around a huge, unattractive… diaper bag? Shouldn’t it feel badass to be shooting in downtown Chicago? Not when you’re carrying around a diaper bag (and if you’ve already got ONE diaper bag for its real purpose, hauling around a second one is definitely not exciting)! Second, the bags were total theft magnets. I can’t even keep track of how many people I know whose cameras have been stolen. Why does that surprise me when we carry around bags with NIKON or CANON written across the top?

From now on, I will carry a camera bag that screams neither “Steal me, I have $1,000 of equipment inside!” nor “Look, a diaper bag!”  No, sir. I pledge (ha!) to carry a bag that is attractive. Chic. Fabulous.

DIY Camera Bag Tutorial
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Unfortunately, most chic and fashionable camera bags will run you upwards of $200… until now. Do it yourself with this tutorial. I spent $35 on a purse from TJ Maxx and about $10 at Joann’s Fabrics buying foam and fabric.

Supplies Needed:

Step by Step Tutorial:

Helpful Tips:

Camera Bag DIY Tutorial
Purse Camera Bag Tutorial

Purse Camera Bags

Carly is a young blogger living in Chicago who loves mason jars, healthy cupcakes, oxymorons, and workout music! Check her out on Facebook, Pinterest, or visit her website!

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    • Rhonda says

      @Melissa—Open an email and copy the URL at the top of the page and paste into the email body. She will then be able to open the website to this page.

      • says

        I had the Canon Powershot A300 that I got a few yrs ago until my son broke it. Plus although it took wodnreful pictures, it didn’t have enough zoom for me. It was only 5.1X. It was somewhat small for me atleast, I love larger cameras. Makes me feel like I’m a photographer of some sort :-)So the one that you took that award winning photo with is a Kodak P850. It has a 12X zoom and I think I may buy some toys for it. I’m already eyeing a wide angle lens and Zoom flash. Oh the joys! Hey girls can have toys too!Good Luck. camera buying is serious business

  1. Sarah says

    Oh I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I hate hugging around our giant camera backpack (in addition to my real purse and/or actual diaper bag). I just got a sewing machine for Christmas and me thinks this will be a project in the near future ;o)

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Glenda Eddins says

    Loved your camera “purse.” Since the day I bought it, my compact Nikon S-10 has been residing in an old contact lens solution starter kit made of a padded silvery shiny polyester fabric. The camera, instruction manual, and a micro tripod all snuggle inside the zippered bag, while the outer zippered pocket holds a lens cleaner kit. I occasionally throw the bag (sans camera) in the washer/dryer. I save all kinds of zippered bags like those cute make-up bags that come as free gift with purchase at the make-up counters. Some of those are large enough and even padded and would be a good start for putting together a personalized camera bag. My camera bag fits inside some of my purses, or I connect its handle to my purse strap ring using a carabiner clip. I just love to find alternate uses for things I already have on hand or that I can buy on the cheap. My fav coupon carrier began as a $3.00 “art supply” case from Dollar General which came with a tiny box each of crayons and markers. It zips on 3 sides and has a carry handle on the spine. Coupons are slipped between the pages of a small photo album insert, which I picked up at Dollar Tree.

  3. Suzi says

    Just what I was looking for! A jump off point for a DIY camera bag. Love Love Love your idea!! I got a Canon Rebel T3i for Xmas..needed something besides the ol’ standard boring camera bag. Thank yo so much for sharing your idea. Now..let me go do a “search and destroy” in my closet for a bag that will fill the bill!!

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