How to Save Money on Yankee Candles!

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Do you L.O.V.E. Yankee Candles as much as I do, but would like to save more money on your next Yankee Candle??

Yankee Candles smell SO good and make fabulous gifts, but there’s one little problem… they’re expensive!   Like $25 – $28 expensive!! {ouch!}

Here are 2 simple ways to save BIG on your Yankee Candles:

  • Check your local Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls or HomeGoods store!  Thanks to my sweet friend Jene’ for cluing me on to this… you can find full size candles for right around $9.99 at these stores!  That’s quite a deal ~ marked down from their normal $25 – $28 range!

Here are some Yankee Candles I spotted at Ross… I’m loving that price! 😉

… and here are some more $9.99 Yankee Candles I spotted at Marshalls/HomeGoods… Yay!

Where have you found some deals on Yankee Candles??

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  1. Vicki P says

    Semi annual sale going on right now at Yankee Candle. At least 50% off on over 40 fragrances and many accessories!

  2. Sara says

    Ask your local store if they have any “seconds” in their clearance section. They are candles that are marked 75% off because they don’t meet YCC’s quality requirements. My local store had over 100 jars of all sizes and scents at the beginning of their clearance sale. Most were discolored, some had a wick off center, and a couple were discounted simply because the label was missing. No label means I get a large jar for $7? Deal. I turn mine around so I can’t see the label anyway!

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