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Following is another fabulous Frugal Girls Fall Fun guest post by Jenny and Jess at Plum Adorable… enjoy!!

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been helping two of the lovely ladies at our church office re-do our office space and get it decorated for fall!

I mainly focused on making our reception area look “pretty”. The gals really wanted it to look more like fall and told me that my spring inspired pencil holder was the first thing that had to go! I originally shared how to make this one here.

SO I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do!! I decided to make a fall version of this vase!

I originally shared the instructions for making this vase/pen holder here. But I have since then refined/ changed how I do this process. And the new way is just as easy BUT it makes the glitter actually stick and STAY on the cup!!! When I first decided to make the above vase in blue, I was using Jenny’s method for making Christmas ornaments as seen here. THEN, after making my glitter shoe re-do for Kaylee, I found the same method works AWESOME for making these vases/pen holders!!! (Sorry for all the link references, but I wanted to explain the changes and let you see the differences for yourself and how you can do the different projects! )

So here are the supplies I needed:


I found the vase at the dollar store! (SCORE!!) I had the Mod Podge on hand and the Glitter I got for 50% off with a Jo-Ann’s coupon so it was about $2 so this project only cost me a little over $3.



In a plastic cup, mix together Mod Podge and glitter. I didn’t measure anything, just did a very generous amount of glitter to a good 1/4 cup or so of Podge. If in doubt, add more glitter I say!!


Then begin painting! I used a foam brush and painted away! Just make sure you can’t see through the vase when you hold it up to the light. You will see white from the glue, it won’t look as though it is completely covered in glitter but believe me, it is!


Here is what mine looked like as it was drying. I let it sit overnight to dry!


This is what it looked like in the morning. I just added a ribbon!


And here it is on the reception counter, doing it’s job holding our Fall floral pens!

Click HERE to see this simple tutorial on how to make these pens!

And since the glitter actually stays put, you could use it as a small vase! I haven’t tested what water does to the glue and glitter base but you can slide a clear plastic cup right inside this size vase for added protection if you wanted to use real flowers!

I’ll be sharing a different part of our Fall décor on the blog with you so stay tuned!


Jenny and Jess are two friends that love creating crafty stuff (for both kids and adults), cooking, reading, and so much more! They were so inspired by the ideas and lives of so many of their favorite bloggers, that last Fall they decided to start their own blog Even though they still feel like they have no idea what they are doing (most of the time), they are excited that their followers seem to like it! They also love to create free printables and svg’s for both kids and home decor. If you want to read more about how Jenny and Jess met and all the crazy things they have in common check them out here..

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    Hi, I started making these, but the first coat was still quite see through. Yours are solid glitter. How many coats did you do? Did you paint inside and outside the vase? Thanks!

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