How to Make a Twirling Ribbon!

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Dance.  Play.  Twirl.  Repeat.

With what you ask??  Why a Twirling Ribbon, of course!

The inspiration for this thrifty little project comes from my friend Joli!

The story is simple, and it went a little like this… her sweet little girl was wanting a twirling ribbon to dance and play with, but they were a bit pricey!  So… she made one!  Now you can, too!

It’s so simple, and you’ll be done in a snap…

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 Wooden Dowel: I used one that was 7/16″ x 12″
  • 2 yards of 1″ ribbon
  • Craft Paint
  • Small Sponge Applicator for painting

What You’ll Do:

Paint the wooden dowel, and let dry.  Don’t forget ~ old yogurt containers make great painting cups… and a plastic cup can be used to help the rod dry without getting everything all smudgy! 😉

Now go grab your ribbon, and either some super glue or you can use the hot setting on your hot  glue gun.  Glue the ribbon onto the dowel {about the first inch and a half, or so} then let dry…

All done!  Now give this to your little cutie… it’s time for some twirling!!

I wanted to snap some fun twirling shots, but what you need to understand is… I live in a man’s world.

That’s right ~ hubby and 2 boys, and none were too fond of twirling around the yard with a pink ribbon.  Weird, I know. 😉  So… here’s the best I got… but I know you’ll get the idea.  Dance.  Play.  Twirl.  Repeat.

{this would also make a fun, thrifty gift, too!}

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