11 Ways to Save $$ when Printing Coupons

Looking for ways to save $$ and cut costs when printing coupons?

Here are 11 Ways to Save Money Printing Coupons

1. Set your printer to use the ‘Ink or Toner Saver Mode’.

2. Print coupons using black ink {rather than color}.

3. Print coupons using recycled paper from school papers, school menus, etc. {thanks Stephanie, Joni & Erin!}

4. Purchase reams of paper on sale. {Check for Back-to-School Deals! Office supply stores frequently advertise reams of paper for $1 or less after instant or mail-in-rebates!}

5. Print Coupons in increments of 3 When you select 1 coupon to print, just 1 coupon will print on the page. When you select 3 coupons to print, 3 coupons will print per page!

6. Use eCoupons ~ no printing required! Check out eCoupons on Couponology!

7. Refill your printer cartridges! {try using Staples, Office Max, Costco, Walgreens, or Cartridge World for thrifty printer cartridge refills!} thanks Svitlana!

8. Recycle your used cartridges, and save $$ on your next purchase! {check with your local office supply store: Office Depot will give you a $2.00 Rewards Credit for recycling each used cartridge}.

9. Purchase new cartidges or refill kits online to save even more! Check out Amazon, Cartridge World, eBay, Newegg, Tiger Direct & 123inkjets.com. {thanks Chris & Jen!}  I buy all of my cartridges on Amazon, and use Swagbucks to help cut the cost!

10. Purchase an inexpensive laser printer, rather than an inkjet printer. {with laser printers, you can often get 2000-6000 prints per cartridge, which will save $$ in the long run} Check Amazon for laser printer deals.

11. Before purchasing any printer, take the time to research in stores and online how much the associated ink or toner refills will cost.

How do you save $$ when printing coupons?

Where do you find your best deals on ink & toner refills?

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  1. says

    I think it is important to note that with some printers, if you use the refill your own ink kits, you void the warranty for the printer. If it breaks while under warranty, they won’t help you because you broke that term. What is a well meaning tip may hurt someone in the long run.

  2. Heather says

    I’d be wary of using recycled paper that has writing or print on the back. A store refused a friend’s coupons she’d printed off the internet. The reason given was that the coupons had something printed on the backside (from where she’d used recycled paper). That seems silly since Q’s clipped from newspaper & magazines have print on the backside as well. But the store flatly refused to take them.

    • bridget says

      that is a wonderful price and we love how our laser printer prints compared to an inkjet. The ink is wayyyy more expensive when we go to repurchase, but still worth it. Cartridge world in Moscow, ID also had great help!

  3. Kelly Jobes says

    has anyone had trouble using coupons printed in black and white insted of color? some of them have a colored dot on them. I have had trouble using coupons with items printed on the back, it wouldn’t scan (at the register) and they said there was nothing they could do about it and would not take the coupons.

  4. Tiffany says

    If I print something that has just one coupon (like from the manufacturer), I cut it off and then use the 2/3 to print another individual coupon on it. It’s a little crazy, but it works!

    • Michele says

      if i print just one coupon i just cut the coupon off and use the rest of the paper when im going to print just 1 coupon again the paper doesnt have to be 8.5×11 for the printer to take it :)
      i also use the rest of the paper to write lists on

    • kim says

      Instead of cutting it first, why not just print on the other side. If you put the paper in right another coupon will print on the opposite end on the other side, you can actually print 2 on the other side.

  5. says

    When buying ink cartridges always buy from a site that gives rebates. And, use the facebook App Endorse and buy from one of your endorsed sites.

  6. Samantha Gabhart says

    I just purchased ink for my printer for my business. They are reused ink cartridges and they work great! I purchased them from a guy on ebay who is in the ink business. I was able to get 3 black and 3 color cartridges for about $34 plus shipping. It’s a great deal when you don’t have a lot of money to spend!

  7. Megan says

    I can not get my printer to print black and white only for coupons, anyone know why? I go to preferences and select gray scale, black and white, but still comes out with color. I can not put a black ink into the color ink slot. I tried that and doesn’t fit. Any other time I select gray scale at other sites it works, just not for coupons? don’t get it..

    • Jeri C Holder says

      I am not a tech, but when I do mine I go to ‘my printer’ then right click and you should have options there.
      Goodluck. If that doesn’t help, try calling the tech support on the printers Company name. Like is it Dell, HP, ETC….

      • skizzatt says

        I tried that and my printer would not work at all. I kept getting a message there was a cartridge missing!

        • Amy Chisek says

          I had the same problem, and I still have it intermitently, but I found one solution. After I print the coupon, I go to the printer icon at the bottom right of the computer screen and double click. Then I choose preferences from one of the drop downs and select the color there. My printer takes about 30 seconds to prepare to print a page, so I have time to do this before it prints.

  8. Candy says

    Walgreens does cartridge refills for 10.00 I think. Also look up CIS printer ink. It’s a constant ink supply for little money. A friend who homeschools uses it and she prints thousands of pages before running out of ink. I wish my printer was compatible with CISS!

    • skizzatt says

      My local Walgreens does not refill all cartridge numbers. For example….I use hp #60. They sell that cartridge but will not refill it!!!

    • allison says

      A piece of paper fits three coupons. If you have selected 10 coupons you will use 3 and 1/3 sheets of paper. If you change your selection to 9 or 12 coupons you will use full sheets of paper.

  9. Jeryl says

    I use e-bates to buy our ink. Have never had any issue w/the cartridges. Not only is our ink way less expensive BUT we receive a rebate check every quarter.

  10. Angela Frye says

    Since I’m about to move, I’m going to hook up one of my printers just for coupons and printing quick items such as that. The printer is a nice one but an older model and so is out of warranty. I’ll try the tips of refills and less expensive cartridges with it, plus that will give me a good use for my recycled paper (other than scratch paper). Thanks for the good tips! :-)

  11. Michelle says

    I often shrink coupons with my printer settings to take up less space on the page saving ink and paper. I usually do 60-70% the normal size and have never been denied a transaction because my coupon was too small. The trick is not to print them so small they can’t be scanned.

  12. Valerie C. says

    I go through a lot of extra printer paper at work. I take home stacks of used copy paper, turn them over and print coupons on the other side.

  13. Samira says

    Thanks! I want to get ink for printing coupons. Of course, we don’t want to spend $70. I was wondering experience with refilled cartridges…I was told once at Office Max that manufacturers don’t recommend it and that it doesn’t work..and it is guaranteed right?

  14. Robin says

    If you search on craigslist for someone in your area selling the ink cartridge number(s) that you need for your printer, you’ll often find great deals, especially if your printer is a few years old. I had an older HP model several years ago, searched craigslist for “HP 67″ or whatever number I needed, and found several people selling brand new ink cartridges for less than half of what it would cost at a store. The sellers often had a new printer, and they didn’t need that number ink anymore. You can usually wheel and deal on the price too. These people are usually eager to get some $$$ for something that they aren’t going to use or just throw away. I think I got five or six cartridges (black and color) for about $30-$40.

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