Help! How to Install Coupon Printer and Print Coupons…

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Prior to printing coupons sites like and many other sites… you’ll be asked to install a coupon printer.

There are so many great coupons to print to help you $ave BIG, but sometimes just installing the coupon printer can be a bit of a challenge!

Here are some tips that will hopefully help you with installation:

Are your printer settings preventing installation?

For me, I just had to change my printer settings… and then I was able to start printing coupons!  Here’s what I did:

  • Go to your control panel, and click on your printer.
  • Go to the advanced settings section, and try this…
  • “Check” the box that says ‘Spool Print Documents so program finishes printing faster’
  • “Uncheck” the box that says ‘Print Directly to Computer’
  • “Uncheck” the ‘Hold Mismatched Documents’ box.
  • “Check” the ‘Print Spooled Documents First’ box.
  • “Uncheck” the ‘Keep Printed Documents’ box.
  • “Check” the ‘Enable Advanced Printing Features’ box.

Is your Software preventing installation?

  • Try temporarily turning off your anti-virus and spyware software when installing the coupon printer.  After installation, just turn it back on.

Is your Pop-Up Blocker preventing installation?

  • Try turning off your pop-up blocker, and see if that helps.

A simple trick that often works:

  • If you’ve tried installing the coupon printer, but your coupons won’t print… the next time you go to print, try clicking “run” instead of install.

Are you trying to reinstall over an old coupon printer?

  • Tip from frugal friend Stephanie:  “You may have to uninstall any previous coupon printers…and reinstall. If yours didn’t install correctly the first time…reinstalling on top of the old one doesn’t work. You have to uninstall and reinstall. This is with any program that doesn’t install correctly. Computers can be sensitive and picky.”

Still having trouble??

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  1. Stephanie says

    i, too, am needing the install link or actual .exe file. the button given to install the printer after i select my coupons is not clickable! aaaarrrrgh!

  2. Adrianne Newman says

    I used these tips and clicked on APPLY because I had all these already unchecked and checked this way And this worked for me . . . Can’t imagine why but THANK YOU!!! Please leave this post up.

  3. says

    says you only have to install once ,but dose’nt regonize tha t setup is complete have wasted days trying to find out whats wrong

  4. ktooley says

    I still can’t find a link for the coupon printer installer. My printer was already set up exactly as you say. I don’t get a window for installing. Every URL for, whether it be printing, support, etc, is blank. I’m fed up with it and can’t get anyone to help me. This site is the closest to assisting but it doesn’t address my issue of a blank page….blank page meaning absolutely nothing…just plain, no text, no pics…nothing. While I appreciate your site, perhaps you can find a way for those of us having this issue to resolve it. I download all the time and am not a novice so I don’t know what else I can do. As I said, when I click to print coupons, I don’t even get an option to install, run, save, etc. Nothing happens.

  5. Chrissy Kulp says

    Run isn’t even coming up.
    Just one more coupon site not working.
    Come on Kellogg’s you’re better than this!

  6. Florian Waligorski says

    I tried everything you suggested & got no results.
    I did not have any trouble printing coupons in spring 2013.
    I have Windows VISTA Home Premium.

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