What is The Frugal Girls?

The Frugal Girls site was started by Heidi Miller in 2009, as a way to help you save $$ and stretch your hard-earned dollars.  It has exploded into a national community of frugal fans and readers all across the country ~ making this a fabulous community of… Frugal Girls!  ;)  Learn more about Heidi here.

Where Do I Begin?

TheFrugalGirls.com is a positive, fun site helping you save $$ and stretch your hard-earned dollars by sharing all sorts of Freebies, Coupons, Deals, Giveaways, Recipes, Crafts, DIY Projects and Tips, and more!  Take a few minutes to browse the various categories… and enjoy some $$-saving FUN!

How Can I Submit a Guest Post?

Go here to view the Guest Post Submission Guidelines!

How Can I Report a Site Issue?

Report a Site Issue here.

How Can I Make Sure I Don’t Miss a Deal??

Being Frugal is FUN, but missing out on a great deal just stinks!

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