Home Decor Tip: Vintage Wooden Crate Storage Solution!

Vintage Crates for Book and Game Storage

Short on space?  Vintage Storage Crates hung on walls are not only a trendy statement piece, but a fabulous way to add some more nooks and crannies for storage! In a play room, use them to store books, games, or anything else needing a home! Find more Home Decor Tips & Tricks here! Got a Home Decor Tip or Trick? Leave a comment & share! See Also: … [Read more...]

Home Decor Tip: Play Room Storage Solution!

Play Room Storage Solution

Play Rooms have a way of getting messier than messy and crazy cluttered, don't they?  Simple cubicle storage units lined along the wall are the perfect solution to hide that clutter! Use baskets and bins to organize toys and games in each little cubby for a quick method and clean look!  Some ridiculously cute brick-styled wall paper along the wall will add some playful … [Read more...]

DIY: Tips and Tricks for using Magnetic Paint!

Home Decor Tips

Looking for a fun way to spruce up a special section of a Bedroom or Play Room?  Or enhance a craft project? How about trying some Magnetic Paint!  {the possibilities are endless!} And... speaking of magnetic ~ have you made some Pretty Flower Magnets or Funky Marble Magnets yet?? Here's a little video from Lowe's that will explain how to use Magnetic Paint {+ make … [Read more...]