Oreo Pops Recipe!
  • Oreos! (Any kind works. We used Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreos)
  • Lolly Pop or Popsicle Sticks (or Sis-kabob Sticks- what I used)
  • 20 oz. Melted White Chocolate (we used an almond bark bar)
  • 1 Tsp. of Oil (to thin out the white chocolate)
  • Sprinkles!
  1. First, assemble your Oreos and lolly pop sticks. Some people have said that popsicle sticks hold the oreos up better than lolly pop sticks.
  2. Next, melt your Chocolate (with the oil in it.)
  3. Whether you are using your microwave or a double boiler, check and stir your chocolate often!
  4. Dip your Oreo pops into the chocolate- but don’t leave them in too long or they will melt & fall apart. We found that we didn’t add enough oil to the chocolate, as it was a little too thick & we ended up needing more chocolate than we should have.
  5. If your oreos fall apart, either dispose of them (aka eat them) or just piece them back together. Both ways work.
  6. Dress them up with Sprinkles & let them harden on your wax paper!
Recipe by The Frugal Girls at http://thefrugalgirls.com/2012/10/oreo-pops-recipe.html