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If you shop at the Commissary, check out these coupons and deals to save BIG!

Commissary Coupons & Deals:

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  1. says

    Hey Ladies, this organization offers free photo shoots for deployed and deploying soldiers and their families! Look up Operation Love Reunited and search your local area for participating photographers who donate their time and skills to create memorable photos. Gift certificates are available with most photographers and make great gift ideas as well!!

  2. Kayla says

    Does anyone know if the commissary sale site is down? I know it was yesterday (7-10). I went on today and it didn’t say it wasn’t working, but I entered my info and it took me back to enter it again. thanks

    • Stephanie says

      Where do I send my expired coupons to? I hear military family can use them up yo 3 months past exp date?

      • Stefanie says

        I know that our local chapter of the Air Force Sergeants Association (Barksdale AFB) collects them and mails them overseas.

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