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14 Favorite Kitchen Timesaver Tips!

Tis the season to be busy in the kitchen. Save time and energy with these 14 Favorite Kitchen Timesaver Tips!

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How to Keep Celery Fresh - tips at

There’s nothing worse than produce going bad too quickly! Here’s a simple little trick to Keep your Celery Fresh!  It will save your celery… and money!

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DIY Lunchbox, Cooler or Owie Ice Packs!

Before you run out and buy ice packs for those lunchboxes, coolers, or even owies… here’s a simple little trick that works like a charm and is super thrifty! You’ll love these little DIY Lunchbox, Cooler, and Owie Ice Packs! … Continue reading

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How to Make Avocados Ripen Faster Tip - at

Got Avocados?  Here’s a simple little Kitchen Tip that works like a charm!

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How to Clean your Keurig!

Got a Keurig?   Nothing tastes better than a delicious cup of Coffee… and keeping your Keurig clean is so easy with this simple cleaning trick! Are you ready?  It’s time to Clean Your Keurig! What You’ll Need:

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Strawberry Stem Remover StemGem Sale: $7.99!

It’s officially strawberry season!! Get the very most out of your strawberries when you remove the stem with this Strawberry StemGem on Sale for $7.99! Use your StemGem to make Cream Cheese Filled Strawberries! (Yum)

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How to Clean Your Coffee Maker!

Is it time to Clean your Coffee Maker?? Here’s another easy kitchen tip for you, using our friend Vinegar! What You’ll Need: