FREE Adorable Baby Sling! {Just pay s/h}

Adorable Baby Sling Free

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Travel light this summer and leave the stroller at home! This would also make a thrifty gift to stash away!!

Right now you can score a FREE Adorable Baby Sling on sale with promo code: FRUGALGIRLS2014! {+ s/h!}

Get the Deal at

  • Go to Seven Slings
  • Click on ‘Shop Now’
  • Add a baby sling to your cart
  • At checkout, enter promo code: FRUGALGIRLS2014

Here’s what your Frugal Friend said…

Tammy said: “I had a couple and loved them!!”

Rachael said: “I got one of these!! Totally worth it! It’s a life saver! Perfect to fit in the diaper bag. Baby can sit up, sleep laying down, even breast feed in this. Plus they love it because it squeezes them in nice and tight, like a swaddle. My baby will literally bounce and giggle as soon as I pull it out of the bag!”

Marily said: “I have one of these. Super comfy and my baby loved it when I would side carry her.”

Kelly said: “I have one of these! Got it for Gracie my lil chihuahua since she can’t walk long distances or when I take her to the pet store, or anywhere out where I don’t want her walking around. She’d rather snuggle with me anyway I even got it personalized with her name on it! It’s VERY WELL MADE & WE LOVE IT!!”

Rebecca said: “I thought mine was great when I got it! I love it! So much better than making one myself.”

Thank you for supporting The Frugal Girls! Thanks to frugal friends Joli, Kristin, Liz, Kendall, and Melanie for sharing!

, use Promotion Code FRUGALGIRLS2014 TODAY!

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