FREE Upcoming Lowe’s Kids Workshop!

FREE Lowe’s Kids Workshops

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Do you live near a Lowe’s?? Be sure to pre-register your little ones for this FREE Upcoming Lowe’s Kids Workshop!

Your kiddos will each be able to build a FREE Turbo with a Pullback Motor from DreamWorks Animation’s Turbo on July 12th!

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One Response to FREE Upcoming Lowe’s Kids Workshop!

  1. Tamara says:

    I had stopped trying to even go to these, because they constantly got full right away, and weren’t very friendly to those who walked in. (At Home Depot, in my area, you can just walk in without having signed up beforehand, which I think makes it more parent/kid friendly). Anyway, at some locations, they have started adding more spaces for kids. What used to be room for only 35 may now be 50!!! So don’t be shy, and go sign up.

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