{Offer Expired} Want a chance to win a $200 Target eGiftCard?

Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies is giving away a $200 Target eGiftCard every day. Enter and play the fun soccer game below and find out if you’re a winner!

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  1. Rita says

    I get the Summer off but it feels like a one income household for two months; this would help out.

  2. Kathy Torres says

    ohhhhh summer off here … This would be awesome to get supplies for my students that are unable to get some for the new school year..

  3. Andrea says

    Wouldn’t be hard to find things I wanted at Target as it is one of my fav stores!! Would be fun to spend it on summer camping supplies.

  4. Shelly Graves says

    My FAVORITE store!! With five kiddos and one on the way, it my place to get away for a bit. A stroll through Target is how I recharge my batteries. 😉 I’d love a gift card!

  5. Janie says

    I love Target especially now that you can order your household essentials. I will stock up on school supplies.

  6. Lisa says

    My first family reunion in 15 yrs with over 30 family members attending!!!! And would help with decorations formy wedding in August!!!

  7. Emily Cooke says

    I’m getting married in 2 weeks and this would really help out with things we would need for our home.

  8. Kelly White says

    Will help out with groceries after having to use the some of the emergency fund to fix the car.

  9. Sarah says

    This would buy my girls new school clothes and supplies. They love Target and are little fashionistas!

  10. Sarah says

    I just signed a lease on my first apartment since deciding to go back to schooling for teaching 6 years ago, and was finally offered a teaching contract. The gift card would help me furnish my apartment and allow me to but teaching supplies.

  11. [email protected] says

    Being a single mom with two kids and working on a part time salary. This would really come in handy for school supply.

  12. Brianne Adams says

    Just bought a house and moving in this week. This would be great for us to use for our new home.

  13. Megan Ellis says

    Having my first baby in January, due date is my birthday:) all though father left me when he got the news and refuses to help, living with my mom and this would be a heaven sent gift for my new little :) God Bless!

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