Nail Art Dotting Pen Set: $2.07!

Nail Art Dotting Pen Set Sale

Is it time for a DIY manicure?

Grab this Nail Art Dotting Pen Set for $2.07!

Then… check out this fun nail art tutorial below…

Prices change often, so grab it before the price goes back up! Thanks for supporting The Frugal Girls!


  1. vanessa says

    I went to amazon to purchase these and there is a Fee for shipping.. is there a code you need for the FREE shipping? Thanks

  2. Kathy says

    I got this exact set for my daughter a while back. She hasn’t used them yet, but they seem to be good quality. Even for such a small price. Thanks so much for the video! Maybe it will inspire her!

  3. Lauren says

    Anyone know how to get free shipping? These looks like an awesome product that can come in pretty handy while cheap! Any comments would be much appreciated! Thanx!

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