100 FREE Swagbucks for New Members!! {+ 11 Ways to Earn More!}

Free Gift Cards with SwagbucksMore Swagbucks = More FREE Gift Cards!!  Have you earned any Swagbucks recently??

Simply use Swagbucks instead of Google when searching the web and start winning “swagbucks”.

Then cash in your “swagbucks” reward points for Free gift cards including Starbucks, Amazon, PayPal, CVS, Target, Walmart, and more!!

My favorite way to cash mine in is for the $5 Amazon gift cards, or the $5 Starbucks gift cards! {I love FREE Starbucks date nights with my hubby!} 😉

Now through 5/31, new members can get a total of 100 Free Swagbucks!

  • Go here to sign up for your Free Swagbucks account
  • When signing up, select ‘I have a sign up code’ (see below)
  • Enter code: FRUGALGIRL70 {code is case sensitive ~ sometimes it works better to type it, rather than copying and pasting it}

FREE Swagbucks for New Members

After you sign up… here are 11 Simple Ways to Earn More Swagbucks!

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Best Ways to Earn Swagbucks


  1. Pauline Greer says

    Can u tell me if you have ever had any trouble with your computer by watching all the videos to earn swagbucks. I had to have my computer fixed at staples because it was running so terribly slow and they warned me that the swagbucks could be infecting my computer. Just wondered if this is possible or if anyone else has had any trouble that u know of.

  2. Heidi says

    Hi Pauline,

    Sorry ~ unfortunately I’ve never had any issues like that or heard of any others having that either.

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