Kitchen Tip: Spraying Pans without the Mess!

Pin It ButtonsOn the hunt for more quick and easy kitchen tips??

I’ve got another trick for you!

The next time you need to spray your pans before baking… simply open up your dishwasher, lay your pan down on the opened dishwasher door, and spray away!

No more icky sticky overspray all of your countertops… yay! ;)

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4 Responses to Kitchen Tip: Spraying Pans without the Mess!

  1. Melody Benschoter says:


  2. What a simple and easy trick! Definitely doing this next time!

  3. LOVE this tip!! Will definitely try it!

  4. Carolyn says:

    Why not put a little bit of olive oil in a spray bottle and then just spritz a tiny bit onto the pan and use a paper towel or pastry brush to spread it out.

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