Timesaver Tip: Pre-Marinating Meat Before Freezing! {+ more Kitchen Tips!}

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Pre-Marinating your meat is a quick trick to save time and hassle later!

This Kitchen Timesaver Tip comes from frugal friend Laura:

“When I buy the big bag of chicken breasts, I come home and divide them out into individual freezer ziplocks.  Before I put them back into the freezer I add a flavor. BBQ, Italian Dressing, Marinara, Salsa, etc.  Then when you’ll be using them for dinner, simply pull them out and put them in the refrigerator in the morning to thaw and marinate!”

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  1. marilyn says

    i love this site. i love all the recipies, they are quick easy and tasty. I love the money saving tips. I love all the practical other tid bits. thank you for taking the time to share.

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