8 Ways to Save More Money at Target!

Ways to Save at Target

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Planning a trip to Tar-jay?? Take advantage of these 9 easy ways to save more money at Target

Target Cartwheel Coupons

  • Receive 5% off Your Total Target Order after filling 5 eligible prescriptions in the Target Pharmacy! {thanks to frugal friend Jessica for sharing!}
  • Don’t forget to bring your reusable bags! You’ll receive a 5 cent discount at checkout for each reusable bag you use at Target. {it all adds up!} ;)

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2 Responses to 8 Ways to Save More Money at Target!

  1. Jake Posey says:

    My wife and I love the Target Card. We get 1% cash back with our credit card but we get %5 off at target. We save an extra $150 a year when we are spending $5,000 a year at Target.

  2. Julie says:

    They no longer have the Target Deal of the Day. :(

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