• Malisa says

      I recently bought my son the WetStop3 bedwetting alarm. It has been working wonders. He sleeps so hard that he just doesn’t wake up but this does the trick and he has been waking up to pee at night.

  1. Sam says

    My daughter is 19months and we are currently potty training she only has maybe one accidnet a day. Pull-ups are for the birds in my opinion they are expensive! Training pants are more effective in my opinion insted of jumping straight to underware. I put her in a diaper at night she still wakes up dry! I created a poster board full of all her favorite character stickers and columns pee & poopy. Every time she goes she adds a sticker to her board. I personally dont agree with rewarding with food.

  2. yanina says

    Hi! Mt daughter is 4 yrs old. And she will go to the potty if she is taken, she won’t say she has to go and she will pee on herself whenever she has to go unless again, i am very watchfull and always taking her to the potty. Help! She starts Pre-K in August and has to have no Pull-ups by then! Frustration!!!

  3. Brettia says

    My son is about to be 4yrs old in a few months he will pee on the potty all day and wake up dry, he will go by his self and everything but he will not poop on the potty at all!! He wants to/is goin to be starting school very soon and he can’t if he won’t poop on the potty….any suggestions??

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