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Following is a guest post by Barb at Keeping With The Times… enjoy!!

Hi! My name is Barb and I’m so grateful to The Frugal Girls for this opportunity to be a guest poster here on their blog.All my information is at the bottom of this post and I’d love to see you at my blog, Keeping With The Times

my lovely Valentine topiary
brightening up a corner in my dining room
gracing my nesting tables
love . . .
love . . . love . . .

I wanted to make something for Valentine’s Day but just didn’t want it to be a lot of work or cost too much. Coming up with the idea is what took the most time since I was feeling less than inspired. Luckily, I had to run into town to get some batteries (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it . . .) and as I was browsing around, I saw some packages of these creamy paper-looking flowers. They were with all the pot-pourri items and were very inexpensive. I scooped up a couple of boxes and sped home, ideas forming as I drove.

It was time to re-purpose my Victorian Inspired Topiary that I had made about 15 years ago! Oh the dust that flew as I tore it apart! What satisfaction! I saved the pot, the stem, and the styrofoam all in one piece and simply hot-glued the white flowers onto the styrofoam until it was completely covered. However, when I was finished I wasn’t completely blown away (to say the least).

It needed something ‘Valentine-y’.

Hearts. Little tiny punched paper hearts strung on a piece of thin twine and wrapped around and around. OK, now I’m getting somewhere! For the finishing touch I put some pot-pourri inside the pot. Looks pretty and smells pretty too!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m a creative soul who loves photography, scrapbooking, homekeeping and blogging.  I blog at Keeping With The Times and I would love it if you joined me!  I am also on Google + Pinterest and Facebook.  Thanks so much!  ~ Barb

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    • Heidi says

      Aww… you’re very welcome, Barb! Thank YOU for sharing your beautiful project with us all! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

      ~ Heidi

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