FREE Baby Sling! {just pay s/h}

If you’ve got a little one, a baby-on-the-way, or need a thrifty gift to stash away, you can get a FREE Baby Sling! {just pay s/h!}

  • Go to Seven Slings
  • Click on ‘Shop Now’
  • Add a baby sling to your cart
  • At checkout, enter promo code: Free

Thanks to frugal friends Joli, Kristin, Liz, Kendall, and Melanie for sharing!

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  1. Lisa says

    I appreciate the idea of FREE…but it’s actually a discount as it leaves a total of $3 and change. And the s/h is 11.95 for first class…that is insane as the actual cost is probably less than $3. I’ll pass.

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