Military Discount = FREE Admission to SeaWorld, Sesame Place, or Busch Gardens! {plus Free Admission for 3 dependents!}

All active duty, activated or drilling reservist, or National Guardsmen can get FREE Admission to SeaWorld, Sesame Place, or Busch Gardens again in 2013!!

Plus… up to 3 direct dependents will receive Free admission, too!

Be sure to share this amazing deal with everyone you know who can take advantage of it!

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  1. Elisabethe P. says

    Seems the Universal Studios link is broken. Upon further investigation, simply type ‘military’ into the search window.

  2. says

    I am hoping someone who is charge of making the decisions on who is eligible will reconcider that retirees should be eligible as well. The person retired is not always as old as one may think & still has children that should be entitled to enjoy a free day as well. After all the person retired has put in twenty years, so why should he/she be ommitted in this great opportunity? Hope someone is listening.

    • Joy says

      I agree! I have friends that are late 30s’ retired/disabled and can’t get the “discounted” tickets. Crazy!

    • David Tacey says

      I agree and it seems to be the case with many military discounts. I put in 24 years and i am not eligible but the new recruit that may only stay in for less than 4 years is eligible? Now that i am at a point in my life that i can start enjoying travel the discounts are not available to me.

  3. donna delay says

    I recent the fact you give the active military discounts for serving their country what about the ones that put 20 years in service us retired veterans how come you don’t give military discounts to us?

  4. Dan says

    Really? They’re losing money and giving stuff away for free and all anyone can do is complain about them not including non-active-duty people?
    I don’t like Sea World, but thanks anyway.

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