DIY Projects + Free Patterns for Baby Dolls and Accessories!

American Girl Dolls ~ Free Clothing Patterns!

Do you have some sweet little Baby Dolls living in your home?  Check out these fun tips for Easy DIY Projects and simple ways to save money on dolls and accessories!

Baby Alive Dolls:  Tips from The Frugal Girls on Facebook!

Kelly said: “Our Baby Alive doll only gets water to drink, because it is free. The diapers dry and we can also reuse them. I also buy cheap newborn diapers and they fit our Baby Alive just fine, and are cheaper!!!” ;)

Angela said: “You can make Baby Alive food with baking soda, water, and green food coloring!”

Jessica said: “The diapers are really expensive for the baby alive-one alternative is to make cloth diapers for it–then do only water, and then they will dry and not stain.”

Diane said: “I made a cloth diaper from quilted fabric and put velcro strips for closure for my granddaughter. Her Baby Alive only gets water!”

TJ said: “My twins love their Baby Alive dolls, and we do the same and make the food so it’s cheap. The newborn or premie diapers work fine and are cheaper than the baby alive ones!”

American Girl Doll Craft: DIY Gymnastic Ribbon!

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DIY Baby Doll Sleeping Bags

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How do YOU save money on Dolls? 

Or have you done any fun Upcycling or DIY Projects for Dolls?

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One Response to DIY Projects + Free Patterns for Baby Dolls and Accessories!

  1. Patricia Stewart says:

    I never had any kids of my own, so I rescue dolls for a living. Here are some dolly rehab tips!

    Restore doll hair by wetting it, then massage in a good amount of CHEAPO hair conditioner. I mean, the 50 cent stuff on sale at the dollar store. Let it sit for a couple of hours. Use a wide tooth comb to start, then progress to a finer tooth comb. Then use cheapo shampoo OR cheapo (non anti-bacterial) liquid soap to wash out all the conditioner. Comb again and LET IT DRY BEFORE YOU TRIM IT. Just like human hair, some types of doll hair will “shrink” as they dry. Also – encourage your child, if she is old enough, to keep the hair combed. This will help with the fuzzies. For extreme cases (and not for collector dolls), cut the hair off and shave it as close to the scalp as you can. Then go to Walmart, a craft store, or eBay online and purchase a new wig. Use a permanent clue (like E6000 or Alene’s OK to Wash It) to attach the new wig.

    To clean your doll, start with any sticky spots. Use Goo Gone or just rubbing alchohol to remove sticky stains. Then use a gentle liquid soap or cheap pink dish soap to bathe the doll. Rinse thoroughly and lay doll on a doubled-over towel to dry. She will likely have water inside her, so flip her over a few times and let her dry there overnight. If you have any tough stains, use a gentle scrubber like Bon Ami, dampen a washcloth and use just a tiny spot of cleaner and the corner of the cloth to scrub the spots.

    If you have a doll with a cloth body, you can usually remove the limbs. They are usually attached with a plastic slip tie or thread through a tiny casing at the top of the limb. Remove head and limbs and restore them as indicated above. Safety pin the openings of the body closed and toss it in the washer on the gentle cycle, then run it through the dryer. Use a stain stick on problem areas before washing.

    Using these techniques, you should be able to refresh any play doll and make your little girl happy.

    NOTE: If you have a collectible doll, DO NOT attempt to refresh her yourself. You may ruin her. Send her to the American Girl doll hospital or to a professional doll restorer. At the very least, get a book about restoring dolls from the library and read up before you try it yourself.

    Have fun!!!!!

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