Copycat Crockpot Qdoba Recipe!

Crockpot Copyat Qdoba Recipe

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guest post by Lisa at Wine & Glue… enjoy!!

Hey Frugal Girl readers!  Looking for an easy and delicious meal that is also nutritious and can accommodate the needs of picky family members?  Look no further!

Anytime, really annnnnnytime, someone asks me for an easy meal to make for their family, my answer is: Crockpot Qdoba Night.

This super easy and delicious meal came to me about 700 years ago before Nathan and I had kids.  We had a Qdoba addiction.  And like a lot of meals that you can eat out, it nagged at me that it was something I could easily make at home!  Easily.

So I dug deep in my cabinets and dragged out that crockpot that I had thrown on my registry, you know, because it seemed like something a good wife and mom should have.  I had yet to make anything with it.  Is anyone else catching on to the irony that Little Suzy Homemaker Wannabe was using the crockpot to make a replica of take out . . . ?

Into the crockpot went three simple things:

You can use chicken you’ve had in your freezer by throwing it in and setting the crockpot on low for 8 hours.  Otherwise, put fresh chicken in for 4 hours.

Once evening rolls around and it is time for dinner, just pull your chicken apart with a fork and serve it up.  It is tender and very delicious.

Dinner’s almost done, and I’ve barely done anything!  A win for Little Suzy Homemaker Wannabe!

Now, all that is left is whatever you want to go with your chicken.

I looooooove Qdoba’s lime cilantro rice.

And all it is is cooked rice, mixed with the juice of one lime, and a small handful of chopped cilantro.  If you want it a little less flavorful, add a little less lime and cilantro.

I’m also a big fan of guacamole, but . . . I’m lazy.

The guacamole mix makes you delicious guacamole in like two minutes.  Yay!

Then just heat up a can of beans, cut up some lettuce, throw on some cherry tomatoes, add some salsa, and you have a delicious and extremely easy to make taco salad.


One of my favorite parts about this meal is that each family member can have it exactly as they want it. Nathan isn’t so keen on things that are green and leafy, but he loves Qdoba’s nachos, and this dish with some sour cream and chips is a close second to actually eating there.

Even Gavin likes to get in on the nacho action.


And Quinn?  Well . . . Quinn’s favorite food is beans.  And rice and cherry tomatoes are a tie for second  . . . so this meal pretty much is a dream come true for her.


I hope you add this to your weekly rotation and your family loves it!  If you are looking for other take out knock offs from Little Suzy Homemaker Wannabe, check out these Taco Bell Quesadillas!

Lisa is a stay at home mom to two little monkeys and wannabe seamstress, chef, baker, and party planner.  Visit her blog Wine & Glue for other easy kid friendly meals, like Pesto Focaccia Sandwich and follow along on Facebook.

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  1. M'Shel says

    I found your website yesterday on Pinterest, and I LOVE it! Thankfully, I already had the ingredients on hand to make the Qdoba chicken. It was yummy, but I think I would have liked it better if I had 1)chopped it into chunks first or 2)shredded the chicken after it was cooked, then threw it back in the crockpot to “marinate” more in the delicious broth (as my daughter and I called it), say 30 minutes. We made the cilantro rice (yummo, again!), black beans, (real) homemade guacamole and I had to make pico de gallo. Delish! My daughter took it for lunch today, modified a bit. I put the chicken mixture and rice in a bowl, then sent sides of shredded cheese, pico and tortilla chips. She said it was very good! Thanks so much for all of these recipes. Tomorrow night is meatball slider night :)

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