Get Rid of Hiccups Trick!

Got hiccups??  Well, here’s another simple little trick to get rid of them!

I already told you about the Lemon Juice Hiccups Cure… but here’s another little trick that works like a charm for our family!

What is it you ask??  Just a spoonful of peanut butter makes the hiccups go away, the hiccups go away, the hiccups go away!  Would Mary Poppins like this song?  {easy-peasy… and it also tastes pretty yummy, too!}

It’s also a nice alternative to holding your breath or asking friends and family members to scare you! 😉

Give it a try… and hopefully it will work for you, too!

Not a fan of peanut butter??  Check out the Lemon Juice Hiccups Trick!

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  1. says

    This totally works! Every time I get hiccups I try to suffer through it, but my husband always makes me take a spoonful of peanut butter. I always argue because I don’t think it will work, but it seriously works EVERY time. So weird lol.

  2. Marci says

    Yes, this works EVERY time!! I’ve been doing it for years! My is husband always tries all the other methods first…and it never fails-he always gives in to my method! :)

  3. Mari says

    Another remedy that works well for us is to put water in a glass, grasp tight the glass in your hand, rotate the glass counter-clockwise, take several sips. Repeat if necessary.

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