• says

      Hi Beth! We did not have any problems with stains on clothes (or kids!) but I will caveat that by saying my girls are 4 and 5 and managed to keep their clothes relatively clean. They really got more of the “paint” on their legs, arms and hands, but no color remained after washing up. But, to be safe, I don’t let my kids do messy crafts in their “sunday best” anyway. In terms of the pavement, we actually had rain that very night and, much to the girls dismay, the “paint” was completely washed away with no evidence of the fun time the day before. I’ll add the disclaimer, of course, that your experience may vary so use your own judgment. 😉 Have fun!!

    • Heidi says

      Thanks Kyra ~ you’re so sweet… and thank YOU for sharing another awesome project with us all!! I hope your summer is off to a fabulous start! 😉

      ~ Heidi

  1. Bridget says

    made this today with my son, we had a GREAT time! I compared it to some crayola chalk paint, and I have to say I like the home made better! As far as staining, for the most part everything came off really well. I did get a little carried away and put too much food coloring in some of paint, and that did stain the skin a little bit!

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