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Would you like some simple tricks to keep brown sugar soft??

Following are some more fabulous Kitchen Tips shared by your frugal friends…

Shelly said: “My Grandmother taught me this trick… if you put a slice of bread in your bag/container of brown sugar, it will keep it moist and reduce the clumping.”

Marilyn said: “To keep your brown sugar from hardening…. store in plastic container and leave a slightly moistened paper towel on top of the brown sugar and place plastic lid over it. Always ready to use.”

Lisa said: “Make sure to seal your sugar super, super tight with no air, and it stays moist.”

Kelly said: “If brown sugar becomes hardened just microwave for a few seconds. Microwaving it is short lived, but you can do it as many times as necessary in order to use it instead of tossing it.”

Now how easy is that?!?  No more worries about rock hard sugar! 😉

Now… go put your Brown Sugar to use with these delicious recipes…

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  1. Virna Lassiter says

    My mother taught me that a marshmallow on the top of your brown sugar will do the trick. It works!

  2. Sherl says

    Celery stalks will keep about a month if wrapped in aluminum foil. I used to throw out at least half of what I bought before I learned this trick.

  3. Audrey says

    I received some OXO Good Grips POP Storage containers for a wedding gift in 2011, and used one of them for brown sugar. I’ve never had brown sugar stay soft so long without the help of a slice of bread or my terra cotta brown sugar disk (not even sure where that is now). In my book, that’s a seriously awesomely air-tight product.

  4. M FILLINGHAM says

    I use a terra cotta disk, bought at craft fair years ago. Soak in water for 10 minutes, push into centre of sugar. Keeps soft for months.

  5. Shari F says

    I placed a damp terracotta piece in the bottom of a large glass jar with a bag of soft brown sugar. After many months, I opened the jar to use the sugar, and although it was soft, it smelled strongly of yeast. I had to throw it away. What happened?

  6. Barbara Lundin says

    They make clay animals that you soak until wet and then lay them in a plastic bag WITH the Brown sugar bag.. if the clay starts to dry, so does the Brown sugar, but a Little more moisture will make both the animal AND the sugar happy.. again and again*G* (well, if it lasts that long!!)

  7. Marty Dean says

    Grandmother’s advise: When you want to thicken sauces for soups,stews,potatoes, etc….don’t use flour. Just stir corn starch into melted butter, then add to the pot and stir well. It will never clump like flour. I have used it for years.Corn starch also aids gluten free issues. Use corn starch to fry your chicken.

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