30 Creative Tips for Filling Easter Eggs & Baskets!

Looking for creative ideas for stuffing those Easter Eggs and Easter Baskets??

Check out these 30 Creative Tips for Egg Hunts and Filling Easter Eggs & Baskets!

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5 Responses to 30 Creative Tips for Filling Easter Eggs & Baskets!

  1. Christie says:

    My daughter loves to garden so I put seed packets in the eggs and new gardening tools, small green house to start the seeds, hat and gloves. This way her gift last all summer and gives her healthy snacks she can pick herself.

  2. hannah says:

    My daughter LOVES stuffed animals so i put small stuffed animals in her eggs.

  3. Jackie says:

    I love the idea of splitting up a lego set into several eggs. I wish I had seen this idea when my son was still strongly into Lego models (he’s in High School). Hopefully I can remember it when I have grandkids.

  4. Elsa Willis says:

    Easter has always been at my parents’ sprawling place, and my boys and their cousins always got water guns for Easter. Down south, it’s usually warm enough to run around all afternoon chasing each other with water guns. Now that those kids are grown, the (new) little ones start out with small water guns, but soon and easily coerce the others to join in. Only thing is, those big kids now use buckets and water hoses! When that starts, we just turn on a sprinkler for the little ones. They all get soaked, clothes and all. And we sit on the front porch in the swing and rockers, laughing and taking some awesome pics!

  5. Sussan says:

    I like including more little items that are not candy. Yes, I do give a couple of small candies, but always include a special new toothbrush in the grandkids’ Easter baskets! I like to give things such as gift cards for icecream cones, or or the wind up hopping bunnies, beads, bubbles, water guns, flip flops, lip gloss, sand toys, punch balls, stickers, kid tattoos, and fun socks.

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