DIY Silver and Gold Jewelry Hoops…

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Warning: This is a DIY Post. And I’m about to DIY something.

Silver Hoop Earrings first became “all the rage” when I was in Middle School. Everyone had them. Some were smaller. Some were larger. But, by gosh, if you were a student at my school, you had a pair.

Moving forward to today… gold and bronze are big parts of my wardrobe. My favorite watch is rose gold. My favorite bracelet is silver and gold. I have a few bronze necklaces. It’s suddenly okay to mix and match metallics like it was never okay before (or was I missing out on this trend for all of eternity? I should ask my friend over at ExclusivelyChic…).

My solution? Paint them. Using some Superlite Gold Leaf Finishes and a tiny paint brush from CVS (yes, they sell paintbrushes), I hand-painted gold-ish-bronze-ish stripes on one pair of my silver hoop earrings.

It reminds me of Dr. Seuss for some reason… but in a good way.


My weapons of choice: Superlite Gold Leaf Finishes (from Home Depot), a paintbrush from CVS, and paper grocery bags to protect the table.

Time Needed:

5 minutes to paint, 5 minutes to let dry


$0……..Old Hoop Earrings

$2.49…Gold Leaf Finishes Paint

$.99…CVS Paint Brushes


Ah. And there they are. Sitting in their home (a blue and gold jewelry bowl I just made). Rest tight, little hoops. It’s been real.

Carly is a young blogger living in Chicago who loves mason jars, healthy cupcakes, oxymorons, and workout music! Check her out on Facebook, Pinterest, or visit her website!

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