Ways to Save Money at Disneyland or Disney World!

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  1. says

    * eat breakfast in your room
    * bring a loaf of bread and PB&J to make sandwhiches to take with you to the park. Easy to eat a quick lunch while in line.
    * If your kids are “I want” kids, hit the dollar/discount stores before you leave for Disney and pick up little trinket Disney items to give the kids each day. Could be candy, bracelets, shirts, toys, etc.
    * have a plan for souveniers – how much do you intend to spend? Stick to it. We generally wait until the end of the trip and the kids know this so we rarely have too many problems. This also allows them to see things over the course of our visit before they make a decision. If they know they can only get one thing, they can be more selective. Don’t wait until the kids are too tired though, that will backfire every time! Hee hee!

  2. Katie Worsham says

    I used the Book “Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World with Kids” and booked through Disney. I then paid off the vacation buying Disney Gift Cards through our Giant Eagle that offers Gas Rewards. So probably we had $8.00 of 30 gallons of gas = $240 of free gas for paying for a vacation we were going on anyway. I had bought those Giant Eagle cards with my Bank Card that I got Rewards points on too. – Cashed those in toward Marriott Gift Cards for the last part of vacation in the Keys. Plus bought more Marriott GC from Giant Eagle = MORE FREE GAS! And then we really utilized the book and websites for money saving deals and time savers. Best vacation ever!

  3. Katie Worsham says

    We also packed snacks and a water bottle to refill. Even if you just have a few granola bars and such that helps take the edge off and the temptation to buy a $4 ice cream. We used our dining plan to the max though. It was well worth the $$.

  4. Michell says

    We went with grandkids and for snacks I made homemade rice Krispy treats and wrapped individually they were great snacks waiting in Lines for all…they packaged easily and everyone loved it

  5. says

    I hate to be a naysayer–and there are some great tips in the list–but the Fastpass comment by Stephanie is no longer true. Beginning this week (March 7, to be exact), Disney World is now cracking down on Fastpass return times, meaning you must return during the one hour window given on the Fastpass, with a few exceptions (mostly involving dining reservations). This is in anticipation of Disney’s new XPass feature that will allow guests to schedule some of their attractions at home, just as they do dining now.

  6. Frugal Mommy says

    Myra commented that several restaurants in WDW participate in restaurants.com – which ones?!?! I am desperately trying to plan the most cost effective (not necessarily “cheap”) WDW world vacation that this family of 5 can actually afford (w/o charging ANY of it, including airfare) and it has become my goal and obsession to do so! With that being said, I am loving this topic. :)

  7. Gale says

    Safeway or Vons in Southern CA sells dicount Tickets for admission to Disneyland. We are taking one of our Granddaughters and one of our grandsons there next week or so! That is where i found the cheapest price!

  8. Laura says

    Free refills at Rancho del Zocalo (Disneyland) are technically only available during the time you are dining there. It’s kind of like eating a meal at a fast food restaurant in your city, and then returning other times with your used cup, walking in, getting a refill, and then leaving the restaurant. And then repeating the process….

    For free coffee refills, the only place (at Disneyland) to get them is at the Market House on Main Street. You *must* keep your receipt to show the cast member each and every time you stop by for a refill.

  9. Laura says

    Kari, you can take small snacks and bottled water into the park. Security will go through your bags, but they won’t confiscate your family’s non-outrageously-elaborate chow. My husband and I have brought in sandwiches, chips, and other small items with no problems.

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