Mason Jars = Sweet, Simple Vases!

Mason Jar Vases

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By now, you know how much I L.O.V.E. jars!

Gifts in a jar, a Flower Pen in a Jar, the Beach in a Jar, the ‘John Jar’ {I’ll tell you about that one soon}… and here’s another favorite use ~ Fresh Flowers in a Jar! ;)

For Valentine’s Day, my hubby got me 2 pretty bouquets ~ roses and lillies.  {my favorites ~ he’s so sweet!}  So yes ~ I’ve got some fancy schmancy vases in my cupboard, but I reached for a jar instead.

Jars are so sweet and simple ~ just the way I like things!  {and yes ~ this was one was actually an old Spaghetti Sauce jar… turned vase with some fun ribbon from Hobby Lobby!}

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What are some of YOUR favorite ways to reuse old jars, baby food jars, etc??

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4 Responses to Mason Jars = Sweet, Simple Vases!

  1. I like jars for holding change and other little odds n ends (like nuts and bolts I find in the hub’s pockets when I do the laundry). I recently shared a post on my blog for re-using those big plastic snack jars and even a plastic mayonnaise jar. You can see it here:

  2. Mary says:

    I like to take things out of the boxes and bags they come in so my cupboards are pretty and look less like a grocery store. I also have a thing against half used bags of pasta – so ugly! I have Crystal Light singles, gluten free noodles, cupcake liners, coffee, mixed nuts and more in jars in the kitchen.

    In the medicine cabinet, a small seaweed jar holds the neosporin, cortaid and benadryl cream. They all stand up straight and take up very little space that way.

  3. Jenni says:

    On my craft desk I have salsa, baby food, spaghetti, and jam jars full of buttons, hair clips, beads, safety pins, and even jingle bells. ;) It looks really pretty to have all the miscellaneous jars all liked up along the top.

  4. Aimee S. says:

    I reuse the plastic baby food containers by putting snacks for my daughters lunch. baby carrots fit perfectly, slices of any fruit or vegetables also fit well & they don’t get smashed. Also, frozen blueberries, dried fruits, wheat thins fit perfectly and the portion is perfect for children.

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