FREE Nescafe Taster’s Choice Coffee Samples!

Did somebody say FREE Coffee?!?   If you haven’t already, you can still go request your Nescafe Free Coffee Samples!  {on the ‘Free Sample’ tab on their Facebook page}

While you’re on Facebook… come join The Frugal Girls, too! ;)

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4 Responses to FREE Nescafe Taster’s Choice Coffee Samples!

  1. shayne guy says:

    love to get these samples to send to the troops in afghanistan…

  2. Joy says:

    You are SO right Suzy! This is amazing instant coffee!

  3. I will like to try the nescafe coffee.

  4. Angie says:

    I have received my samples and can say that I am officially hooked!! Nescafe instant coffees are GREAT!!! And you also get a coupon for $1 off.

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