FREE Olive Garden Entree for Veterans + Active Duty Military! {11/11/2011}

Mark your calendars ~ all Veterans and Active Duty Military will be able to score a FREE Olive Garden Entree on Veteran’s Day, November 11th!

{choose from one of the entrees shown here, select ‘Specials’ tab}

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2 Responses to FREE Olive Garden Entree for Veterans + Active Duty Military! {11/11/2011}

  1. Rick Rosado says:

    This veteran will not be eating here . Not after some one complained that our American flag offended them . Then Olive Garden took the flag down . I know alot of my fellow veterans also will not be eating there .

  2. Ray says:

    Rick, I know that you want to believe this story but I don’t. Ask yourself this question. Why would Olive Garden remove a flag because of a customer complaint, and then serve free dinners to veterans? doesn’t make sense does it? I complain all the time to companies about their flags, most about the condition or it is being flown improperly. Ray

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