How to Redo Old Dressers with Wall Clings!

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Do you have an old dresser that could use a face lift?  Well… in addition to some good ol’ sanding, re-painting, and pretty hardware… don’t forget the wall clings!  {yep ~ wall clings!}

My friend Joli also had an old dresser that she had repainted for her sweet little girl’s room.

She had found a great deal on a jumbo flower wall cling at Babies R Us, but it just wasn’t adhering well to the bedroom’s textured wall… so she put it straight on the dresser!

Didn’t it turn out so cute?!?  Be sure to also check our local Dollar Tree for fun wall clings!

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  1. Peggy says

    Since you posted, I have a question and would love to hear other’s tips: How do you save when it comes to buying hardware for drawers? What are some creative and crafty things you’ve used instead of the very expensive handles or pulls?

    • Lynn says

      I did a sports themed room for a tween boy and instead of purchasing hardware for the drawers, I went to a local skate shope and got used skateboard wheels, cleaned them up and used them as the drawer hardware.

  2. Laura Cunningham says

    If you’re not opposed to ‘garbage picking’… I’ve gotten drawer pulls from a piece of furniture that someone was throwing out. I did go and ask the homeowner if I could take them first. I snagged the drawer pulls AND the brass wheels. FREE!!!
    You could also mix it up. I did that just recently… the antique drawer pulls on the bottom drawers and the new pulls on the top drawer. It looked nice!

  3. Karen Pietzyk says

    Look down the aisles of various hardware stores to find things that aren’t actually drawer pulls but can work as drawer pulls…larger screw-in hooks are an example (and you can hang things on them). Use a variety of pulls instead of keeping them all the same. This allows you to get some more costly and some less costly and save money that way. Or simply collect them over time…and hope for eventual clearance!

  4. Shauna Gaskill says

    My kids dressers are due for a remake.. So this is a fantastic idea. Dont forget that sometimes Dollar stores have wall glings and cute ones, just have to look for them.
    also we have used pieces of rope for drawer pulls. bent silverware, found at yard sales or goodwill ( have to drill holes, and bend) also dont forget goodwill and stores like that, we are also lucky enough to have a Habitat for Humanity Re-sale store.

  5. Marcia says

    What awesome ideas! My brothers dresser is in much need of re-doing! I just fell in love with the Dollar stickers. :O) I have a “Live, Laugh, Love” sticker, an adorible “Love makes Everything grow” sticker, “There’s no place like home”, “Family” and I just got a 2-sided pack of colorful butterfly wall stickers (These would pretty up any repainted dresser), and they also had some sports stickers for boys.
    Check them out! 😀

  6. Kerry says

    My daughter has textured walls that we painted pink. We bought owl wall stickers from Target and I put them on the closet doors, and her the drawers on her captains bed! She loves it!

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