How to Make a Thrifty DIY Green House…

Who’s ready for some gardening??  Here’s a simple DIY Project ~ How to Make a Thrifty Indoor DIY Green House!

It’s time to get inspired!! Each week I’ll be highlighting several creations from the Thursday Chic & Crafty Party ~ and today’s featured project comes from Bianca at Little Brick Ranch!

And it all starts with this…

So… head on over here for step-by-step instructions on how you can make a Thrifty DIY Greenhouse, too!

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  1. Tia says

    I love this idea :) I didn’t have anything like this so I went with the cardboard egg carton. When they are ready to be transferred outside, you just tear the sections apart and plant just like that. Works great, too!

  2. Laura Hill says

    My kids and I also use the cups you get when you order a milkshake or a Slurpee…the ones with the domed lids…It is a perfect little greenhouse!

  3. Linda Foster says

    I am missing out on so many great deals and information because I am out of town taking care of my Mom (congestive heart failure). Is there any way to get some of these when I get back home so I can print them off?

  4. Renea says

    I used 2 liter bottles and strawberry containers for my greenhouses. Now if I can just not kill them after I plant them outside!

  5. says

    Thank you so much for featuring me and my frugal little greenhouse!! I am happy to say all of my plants are coming along just dandy and I CAN NOT wait to plant them next week!! :)

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