{Offer Expired} Pedigree Dog Food Coupons: $3.00 off 1 bag! {+ more}

On the hunt for some coupons for your pooch??

Print these before they’re gone…

Let us know if you find any good store prices or sales to match this with!

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  1. Laurie says

    Its not worth the savings to feed your pet this food. I dont mean to be negative, but what you save from buying cheap pet food, you will spend many times over at the vet. Feed a quality pet food and keep your pet healthy without overpriced, unnecessary visits to the vet.

    • Amber says

      I would have to agree with the above post. I have an Akita and tried feeding her this food at one point…diarhea and vomitting ensued for the next three days. Spend a couple extra bucks and get nutritious food for your pet. They’ll thank you later by not pooping in your house! :)

      • LORI says


        • Michelle Clarke says

          My dogs have eaten Pedigree Small Breed from day one and they do great on it! My vet never has a problem with their weight and their bloodwork is always great. Although I think the expensive foods are great too, if the dog does well on a food less expensive and the vet approves, why not use it?

  2. l says

    I got good deals and only buy this food and use this coupon when its on sale so i end up getting a hugh bag of dog food for about 7 bucks!

  3. Skye says

    Anytime you change your dogs food you will get a sick dog as any vet will tell you when changing your dogs diet add a little of the new food with the old and kepp decreasing old food as the dog adjusts. I was recommended to feed science diet and my dogs got sick. Real sick. I switched to dry food Pedigree and they are very happy puppies no problems. :)

  4. Ruth Keefe says

    Hey I have a Rottie & he’s been eating Pedigree for 7 years & has had no health issues and has a great shiny coat. We think this a great product for the price. But I also wish you had coupons available, everytime I check they are expired. We sometimes get in-store coupons which are great cause they are usually $3 off.

  5. cheryl says

    I have 2 Pitbulls and a Beagle and they all love the Pedigree Small Breed, even though the 2 girls weigh 60+ lbs. They think they are lap dogs. I just wish Pedigree would issue more coupons to keep us continuing to buy their product since there is so many out there to choose from.

  6. Lind M says

    I feed Pedigree Lamb & Rice formula, no corn, no wheat. A lot of folks do not realize that corn is a histamine which causes allergies, wheat has gluten which dogs are not created to digest. So you have an ingredient that is cheap (corn) and opens a canine up for allergies, then you have the ingredient of wheat which causes the dog to have serious issues. There are some dogs that do have a tougher constitution and can digest these ingredients, but you will find they have far more waste product due to they can not absorb very many nutrients thus causing a lot more fiber waste. I suggest if you are going to feed pedigree read the ingredients. The vets are going to tell you to choose what they sell for a reason, they are reimbursed by the dog food company for a portion of every bag that sells. What they do not tell you is that you are opening your dog up for more problems in which the vet will profit from. Thankfully I have a small town vet who will NOT feed his own dogs that food and tells his clients to feed food that does not contain corn or wheat, or wheat byproducts. Also read the ingredients on the doggie treats. I feed my dogs baby carrots and slide apples. They get the extra fiber plus they are healthy for them, as well as great for keeping the teeth clean! they have the great “crunch” many dogs prefer. The apples help with hydration as well as fiber. I used to show dogs and fed a combined raw diet of ground chicken, carrots, peas, rice as well as gave them some cottage cheese, yoghurt, and some olive oil before that was “popular”. My older dachshunds that are in their teens I give them olive oil on their food now to help with a shiny coat. You can buy a whole big can of the store brand oil relatively inexpensively and it is super healthy for them. We have a 14 yr old dog that behaves like a puppy! She is super energetic and definitely does not show her age. She is muscled nicely, not an ounce of fat on her, and super energetic. Many times people ask how old she is and they think I am kidding when I tell them her age. It does make a HUGE difference what you feed them! Do your research next time you reach for a bag of dog food. Dogs are not human, they do not have the same digestive system we have. We would not eat what they eat so do not make them eat what we eat.

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