FREE American Girl Doll Clothing Patterns!

Do you know a little someone… who would love some new clothes for her American Girl doll??

Well… head on over here to score some FREE American Girl Doll Clothing Patterns!

Thanks to Liberty Jane Patterns for emailing about this fun freebie!

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  1. Laura Chin says

    THANK YOU!! I’m a beginner sewer, only blankets and quilt type things so far, and was hoping for something awesome to try my hand at. I also see a knitting pattern *squee*

  2. katrina says

    This sounds good, but when I went to download it says it’s going to take over 3 hours to do this download. We’ll see how long is stay with it… I like the idea.

    • Liberty Jane says

      HI Katrina, Sorry to hear that… I’m happy to just email you the file, maybe that will work better :)


  3. Carri says

    THis is sweet!!!!!!! been wanting to try to learn to sew, going to have MIL help me with these for daughters bd coming up! THANK YOU!!!

  4. Kathy Diring says

    This is awesome. I sell in a consignment shop and on etsy. I welcome the variety. Do you have any 15″ Bitty Baby patterns?

    • Liberty Jane says

      HI Kathy, We don’t have patterns for Bitty Baby specifically, but I think most things will fit both types of dolls. The pants will be a bit too long, but the tops and dresses should fit.

  5. Melanie Bohler says

    I am interested in making the doll clothing to sell in my home-based business which I’m starting up in the next couple months. Are there any specific rules that I must follow to make these to sell? I would be selling on ebay, itsey, craigslist, and the local craft fairs. Thanks.

  6. Stacie says

    What a wonderful find! I hope I can get my grandmother to help me make a couple of these so I can get her input since I don’t have much experience with sewing! My daughter will love them too!

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