Red Robin: FREE Appetizer Now + FREE Birthday Burger!

Red Robin has a new Birthday Club!

To join, simply go to your local Red Robin and request a Red Royalty card.  Then register it online once you get home.

You will receive a Free Appetizer on your next visit!

We just used our ‘Free Appetizer’ to get my 11 year old a giant plate of nachos for his meal ~ he loved it!

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5 Responses to Red Robin: FREE Appetizer Now + FREE Birthday Burger!

  1. Hollis Brown says:

    Hi I got a coupon for a free burger for my birthday , but haven’t gotten one for this year

    • teresa march says:

      My birthday is July 3rd. Could I please have a coupon for the free burger? my friend got one and it sure did look good. We live in Amarillo, Texas and the cooks here can really cook!!! Thanks.

  2. Kirstin says:

    Is there anyway you can email me a birthday coupon? I registered last week and did not receive the email yet. Thanks so much, Today is my birthday.

  3. Denny Sandberg says:

    this is great I’ll go pick up my card tomorrow. I live over the hill from the now closed original RB in Seattle.

  4. Yelena Runova says:

    I loved burgers at Red Robin!!!

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