1. tj says

    I’d like to consider myself VERY frugal, however, I also consider myself ethical. I would never support Walmart because they make their employees frugal not by choice. They don’t pay them living wages, nor do they hire full-time staff so they don’t have to give them benefits. I would rather pay more and take my business elsewhere, so that someone could support their family.

    • says

      Actually, my husband works at walmart, and I have worked at walmart. And while I agree they do not pay, it is not by choice that they normally do not hire full time employees, but by the economy. My husband is full time. And he has benefits. AND, picture me has nothing to do with walmart, they only rent the space. Thanks to walmart, I am able to be a stay at home mother to my 2 yr old son.

    • Ana says

      This is not always the case. I have worked for Wal Mart and my sister and her husband been there for almost 20yrs. They do hire a lot of PT employees but I believe it is more for the economy. I want to believe that they much rather hire 5PT than 1 FT and be able to help 5ppl instead of 1.

  2. Jill Fifield says

    I’m not a WalMart Cheerleader, but my mother in law worked for WalMart while she had Parkinson’s Disease. She was a greeter and was paid well above minimum wage to stand at the entrance and greet people. WalMart did not know she had Parkinson’s (my mother-in-law was embarrassed to tell people) but she had to miss sevaral days sometimes, and they even gave her a different greeting position where she could sit because they noticed she was having some physical problems. They never fired her or attempted to let her go. She worked there until she could no longer work at all. My husband and I were very thankful for the Wal Mart employment!

  3. Robbi says

    Actually, Picture Me Portrait Studios is owned by Sears and they lease a space inside Wal-Mart so the people working there are not Wal-Mart employees. They are employed by CPI Corp. And while they do pay the best vs. Taret, Portrait Innovations, Olan Mills, JCPenney, etc. they are a very poorly mismanaged company, in my opinion and terrible to work for. That being said, some of the photographers take really great pictures. And are very nice.

  4. Jack says

    I actually work for pictureme and we are not owned by sears. The company is owned by CPIcorp and while we are located inside of WalMarts we are in no other way affiliated with WalMart. Also CPI pays much lower than other photography companies such as JCPenny. And by much lower I mean that as a manager I make less than associates starting out at those other companies. Yes, it’s poorly managed and not the best company to work for, but those of us who do care, work very hard to get great portraits your family will love for a very long time and we care about what your portraits look like. It all depends on the photographer you get but I can guarantee you if you treat them kindly they will return the kindness.

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