How to get FREE Nook E-Books!

Many of you have asked how to get Free E-Books for your Barnes & Noble Nook.

Well… here’s an awesome tip from frugal friend Laura!

  • Go Here to Barnes & Noble or just use your Nook
  • In the search box, type “0.00” then “Go”
  • A long list of FREE Nook E-Books will appear.  Yay!!

Be sure to also check the Nook Facebook page on Fridays ~ they often post a new FREE e-book each Friday!

Free E-Books from Barnes & Noble can be read on your Nook, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, or your PC or Mac.

Go Here to download your free app.

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  1. says

    By the way, many of the larger library systems have books that you can borrow on your Nook! I haven’t found any that will lend to a Kindle, but a lot now lend digital books compatible with the Nook. I wasn’t in a hurry to jump on the electronic book reader bandwagon, but I think I’m pretty close to being sold on the Nook because of all the freebies!!

    Thanks for such a great site!

      • says

        This is my 3rd year to be borrowing e-books from the library. If you just want a ready SONY is much better than the kindle. If you want a tablet, than Nook Color is the way to go. I had a Sony, gave that to my 15yr old son and now I have the Nook Color and LOVE IT!

    • Linda says

      I have a Nook, not the color one. I did a lot of research before I purchased it and it’s the best. I can download free books from the library and keep them for 14 days. I have had mine almost a year now and I love it. No glare when your outside, you can expand the memory, and you can replace the hard drive for a bigger one if you want unlike the Kindle. Also Barnes and Noble has a lot of free books as well, they are actually good books too! I played around with the color one, but it gave me a headache after about 15 minutes reading a book on it. It’s too much like a computer screen for reading. Hope this helps.

    • Rocky Ford says

      Free books. As far as novels, anything relatively new or well-written is a read an excerpt, buy the book. That is not free, but listed free books. Try downloading a free book to the Nook without giving “Barnes and not Noble at All” your credit card number. It is extremely complicated to download a library e-book to a Nook tablet. This is like the iTunes which has a very small interface on my computer – gimme, gimme, gimme, I want to eat your credit card number. If you want to offer free, do it fairly without taking credit card numbers or calling an excerpt a free book.

      I like the old-fashioned books.

      • Frances Gay says

        Wow, wish I lived near a Barnes and Noble, but it is a 200 mile round trip…not everyone lives close to a large town! Sites like this are so helpful for those of us who live in very, small rural areas.

    • Lola says

      I had trouble with my first one. Called help line and they worked with me. Finally they decided to send me a “new” one for $35, but I had to send my current one in to them.
      The new one I couldn’t get to work either. As it would happen, we were having trouble with our internet service. So service man #3 arrived, fixed the problem, but I wasn’t letting him leave until all electronic web devices worked properly. I had them on the dining room table; he walked around. I followed making sure they worked for me. He was fast so I didn’t see what he did to my Nook, but it has worked beautifully ever since.
      Keep trying and don’t give up until you have spoken to every service person at the Nook Help Desk. Someone will know the answer.

  2. says

    My teenage daughter got a Nook for Christmas and I got a Kindle. We love them, but there don’t seem to be many appropriate free books on B&N. I have lots of free classics like Little Women on my Kindle, but I can’t find them for my daughter’s Nook.

      • Frances Gay says

        I get many, many free books from B&N…in search type in 0.00, and you can select your category..mystery, romance etc.

    • Wendy says

      I did find Little Women on (Barnes & Noble). If you type “0.00 Little Women” in the search bar (without the quotations), then click go, it will come up.

      I just got my nook2 and I love it! Project Gutenberg is AWEsome, if you haven’t heard of it. I found a link through my library’s website. They have 12 books by Grace Livingston Hill, and several by Zane Grey, to name a few. :) Happy Reading!

    • Kristen says

      you can get many free e-books from Just type free nook books in the search bar; also, if you search under religion and inspiration, the books should be appropriate.

  3. crystal says

    i have noticed that amazon kindle has more free stuff i think i have like 100 free books on the kindle and like 10 on the nook.

    • Marla Riedling says

      You can use the free book converter Calibre program to convert Kindle books to epub for use with the Nook color-I do it all the time!

  4. Cait says

    This is great! You have to be careful though because there are a few mixed in there that you would have to pay for so before you click “download” be sure that it is free. Otherwise this is great! I already got 5 new books :)

  5. Sheila says

    I’ve had a nook for 6 months and have been using this method for the entire time. When I do the 0.00 free search more than 900,000 titles come up. I prefer to search for the free books online rather than through my 3G connection as more come up and are easier to sort.

    You can also use planetebooks to get free downloads of books, similar to the Gutenburg project.

    Also, free books from Borders that are in pdf or epub formats work, too.

  6. Kristen says

    Another way to search if you want to narrow it down with nook:
    Type in the Genre you want then 0.00. Ex: Mystery 0.00. There are 900,000+ free e-books available. If you go into your local B&N on Fridays you have another you can get a book that is only available that day for free. This is normally a book that is not offered free. If you shop through the website there is a “steals and deals” link. Also with the “more in store” feature you are often offered a free cookie or currently a smoothie in the Cafe.

  7. Jennifer says

    Another good way to look for free NookBooks:

    Actually log into the Nook website via computer rather than using your Nook. (I know, sounds crazy, but therein lies the secret, I think.) If you’re logged in to your Nook account, you’ll see alongside the left column another choice next to the “Deals and Steals” category called “Free NookBooks”.

    I have found almost all of the classics this way and downloaded copies of them to my Nook, (Austen, Hawthorne, Shakespeare, Bronte, etc.) as well as the Bible and plenty of age-appropriate reading material for parents concerned about subject matter.

    Once you’ve ‘bought’ the free NookBooks, (you have to go through the process of buying them even though their price is $0) they will show on your account and on your Nook when you sync after closing the web session.

    Another great find: Until January 10th many of Kaplan’s titles are free for eReaders. Do a search within Nook/Kindle software for ‘Kaplan’ and you will find all sorts of study aids, medical/legal books, true story-type reading… I just downloaded about 10 of them!

    I got the NookColor for Christmas and I’ve been so thrilled I can honestly say I’m glad I didn’t ask for a Kindle. It’s almost like having a little web tablet at your fingertips! *squee*

    And yes, Project Gutenberg is another great place to download ebooks. They have thousands of titles, most have all expired copyright. So don’t look for anything new there! :)

  8. Monica says

    Thank you all for the tips!! Does anyone e-lend books with their Nook? I’ve read that it’s possible to trade books with other Nook users, but I don’t know how it works.

    • Amy F says

      Yes, you can lend books from your nook as long as the LEND ME words and symbol are buy the book. The crummy part is that you can only Lend a book 1 time. Whomever you lend it to only has 14 days to read it.

  9. Megan says

    There are definitely more choices on the B&N website, but I’m still having trouble finding classics for free – they’re listed for 99 cents. Any tips?

    • Vanessa says

      I know you posted months ago, but you said that you already have the books that you want on your kindle right? You can always use a program like calibre to convert them to epub format. Its free and fairly simple to use. Good luck.

  10. Danisha says

    This was a great tip. I went to Barnes and Noble Website in the search box I typed in 0.00 and then selected nookbooks from the drop down list and it pulled up all the free books available. if you stroll down on the page on the left hand side you can pick what gene you like to narrow the search. I have got a whole lot for my nook and they are great.

    For Monica I have used the lend me option to lend some of my books to a great friend of mine. This is how it works. You will go to the book you want to lend and select Item Options and Details when you click that it will have lend tap that and enter your friends email address. It will send an email to your friend and also will show up in your Daily section. You have 7 day to accept or decline the offer. Once you accept it you have 14 day to read it. This is really simple to do and really nice and if you login to b&n go to your nook libary it will be there to and it also let you decide if you want to buy it. I recommend it. I know it has worked for my friend and I hope this helps.

  11. says

    What a great deal. I was looking under Free Nookbooks and they only had about 4 pages. Your way gives TONS of free books, I sorted by bestselling to find the more popular ones.

  12. says

    I got a Nook Color for my birthday and absolutely am in love with it. I did what one reader suggests, and started checking out books from the library. It was a difficult process to master (to learn how to do it) but once I figured it out, it is a piece of cake.

    I read maybe 2 books a week on it… the problem is that there are a lot of books in a series, for example, and maybe only half of them are available on e-book, and the other half in print. So I read about 2 print books a week, too.

    What made me decide to ask for a Nook was on my most recent trip to Central America, we ran out of reading material halfway through… and we were already over our weight limit in luggage… having my Nook would have been perfect.

    • Stacy says

      I would love to know how to borrow from the library. I have tried and even downloaded the required software. However I cannot figure out how to get the book onto my nook. Any help would be appreciated.

      • says

        Hi Stacy,

        Here is what I learned.

        1) Download Adobe Digital Editions on your computer (NOT on your Nook).
        2) Make sure you have a digital account with your library, and check out a book using their process. The book should open up in Adobe Digital Editions.
        3. Connect your Nook to the computer using the USB connector. You may have to turn on your Nook, but then when you have Adobe Digital Editions up, you should see that it recognizes your Nook on the bottom left.
        4. Find the library book you downloaded onto Adobe Digital Editions (still using your computer). Then all you have to do is drag and drop it to the Nook folder on the bottom left.
        5. When you open up your NookColor, go to Library –> my files –> Digital Editions and that is where you will find the library book on your NookColor.

        The Nook may be different regarding navigating the menu to where the digital editions is located, I have never used the Nook before. Only the Nook Color. But the process of checking the book out of the library is the same.

        To return a book, you have to left click on the little arrow to the left of the book’s title, and a drop down menu will open up, and choose “return borrowed book”. There also should be a little sash across the book telling you how many days left you have until you need to return it. I try to keep my library books only a few days max, because usually there is a long wait, and I am a fast reader :)

        Good luck. Let me know if you have any more specific questions.

      • Linda says

        You have to have the ADOBE software, once you download the book, drag the icon for the book to the Nook name on the left (you have to have your Nook connected at the same time so the program shows the Nook link) you just click on the book and hold down the left button on your mouse and drag it to the Nook and drop it, it will download to the Nook by itself, hope this helps.

  13. deeflutterby says

    I love my nook and have gotten lots of free books. I go to and find them there. They usually have a nice list of free books. And since these are the types I like to read – it works for me. I have gotten some on B&N website too.

    • Michele K Winslow says

      Thanks for this tip. I just went there & got 17 free ebooks. But… now how do I get them on my NookColor? It said to allow up to two weeks for delivery. I don’t understand…

  14. deeflutterby says

    Michele…go to- -and download Adobe Digital Editions. Then to to and after you log in go to your account and then to the library. It will show you your books and give you an option to download them. This downloads them in the ADE. Hook your nook to your computer and open ADE. It will show the books you downloaded. On the left is a list and it should have your nook listed on it. Click on your book and drag it to “nook” and it will transfer it to your nook. Hope that helps.

    • Sylvia says

      Thank you for that explanation. I just got myself a nook color and wondered how to download books other than from B & N.

  15. Alison Pinsley says

    Thanks for the tips. I am a new user of The Nook and wondered how to download the free ebooks. Now I will never be at loss for free reading material.

  16. Caroline says

    Also, don’t forget about Free Book Friday…so far every book I have downloaded from Free Book Friday has been awesome!

  17. Amanda Strawn says

    You can go to for free ebooks. They have them for the nook and the kindle. I like to read Christian fiction, and have gotten at least 25 books from them.

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  19. mary says

    i have the nook for christmas and i love it. but i am all new to it. when i go on 0.00 free books do i have to put in my credit card number? need help

  20. mary says

    do you have to enter your credit card information. even thou the book is for free?



    • samsmom says

      Yes, you will have to enter your credit card info for B&N…only once…even if it is a free book. Good luck

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