Jo-Ann’s Teacher and Home School Educator Discount: 15% off!

If you’re a Teacher or Home School Educator, be sure to sign up for the Jo-Ann’s Teacher Discount Card!

You’ll receive 15% off every time you shop in-store!

Plus… you’ll receive even more throughout the year during Jo-Ann’s Teacher Appreciation Days!

Not a Teacher or Home School Educator?? Then share this with your friends who are!

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4 Responses to Jo-Ann’s Teacher and Home School Educator Discount: 15% off!

  1. Lisa says:

    Can any homeschooling families give advice as to how they offer proof that they are home educators? This is my first year in the adventure (pre-school!). Does anyone have a newsletter they create or subscribe to? Thanks!

    • Alice says:

      In Alabama we are required to be a member of a cover group. We are issued a “Teacher ID Card” each year when we attend the mandatory meeting at the beginning of the year.

  2. Judy says:

    Does a teacher aide qualify for the teacher discount card? Thank you

  3. MWP says:

    Joann’s is pretty strict about their teacher discount, at least the one near me. I was buying supplies for my classroom, but they wouldn’t give me the discount because my school ID said faculty instead of specifically saying teacher. They said I could be a secretary or anyone that works at the school & not really a teacher. Them basically calling me a liar & being that strict made me not want to buy from them!

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